100 Glowsticks and a Vertical Cliff make for crazy climbing scene

You may have seen our post on nocturnal ice climbers and glowing waterfalls earlier this year. Part of that same crew, including photographer Matt Holland, were at it again. This time the medium was rock, and the area was the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas. Holland coaxed his climber friends to wear glowsticks and lighted necklaces and climb vertical rock at night. His Canon 7D camera soaked in long exposures (three to five minutes) to capture the trippy scene. —Stephen Regenold

night climb.jpg

glowstick climbing.jpg

Climbers leave light trails via glowsticks on a 5.6 climb at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

meetup climber group.jpg

Mandatory glowstick group shot

Night Rock Climbing - photo 1.jpg

Climbing hard via headlamp

Night HRC.jpg

night climber.jpg

climbers at camp.jpg

Meanwhile back at the ranch. . .

climber on cliff.jpg

In the daylight!

HCR climbing.jpg


Rapping off the cliff, time to head home

—Photography © Matt Holland