Roanoke-Bound! 'Treasure Hunt' this Weekend

Two of us from the GearJunkie crew are soon getting on a plane for ROA, that’s Roanoke, Va., and the site of our 2nd annual “Treasure Hunt: Roanoke,” a real map/compass-based scavenger hunt this Sunday, Oct. 23, where you search for up to $40,000 in gear. OK, so the gear isn’t actually hidden in the woods around Roanoke. But the treasure hunters in our event do collect clues and stamp punch-cards at hidden flags to earn points. At the end, 3:30pm this Sunday, the participants will cash in their points for bikes, boats, GPS units, and other major swag!

treasure hunt logo 2.jpg

Online registration is closed. But we have day-of slots for $35, so show up Sunday morning by 9a.m. to go on the “hunt” if you’re in the area. Not close by? I can almost guarentee our treasure hunt (and the prizes you’ll see from it) would be worth the drive! All info on the event, as well as the prizes, is here.

treasure hunt 2010.jpg

Scene from the hunt: 2010 “Treasure Hunt: Roanoke” event

For all those joining us this weekend and already signed up, we’ll see you soon. John Peacock and I are packing up and getting final swag and materials in order. We’ll be in Virginia soon, ready to kick off the big hunt!

—Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of

Posted by Lisa Moran - 10/24/2011 06:23 AM

This was my first time to do a Treasure Hunt. I did this with 2 of my friends and we had a blast!!! The weather was perfect. It was a fantastic day. I’m already looking forward to next year! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in this——kudos!

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