Tread Lightly: 20 low-profile KEEN shoes

KEEN is slimming down for spring. In a major launch, the company this week unveils 20 lightweight models under its CNX line. We previewed the line last fall in person at the company’s Oregon headquarters (and featured a CNX shoe in a post, “Oxford Leather Shoes from KEEN). Today, we have the full scoop on CNX, including the spread of models below for men, women, and kids. All are lighter (under 10 ounces) and with a low-profile 4mm drop to keep KEEN-ensconced feet planted “more naturally” on the ground. —Stephen Regenold

KEEN CNX - 5.jpg

Clearwater (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 28.jpg

Clearwater (men’s)

KEEN CNX - 1.jpg

Cascade (men’s)

KEEN CNX - 36.jpg

Cascade (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 31.jpg

Tunari (men’s)

KEEN CNX - 26.jpg

Haven (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 8.jpg

Mercer Ballerina (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 9.jpg

Mercer MJ (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 29.jpg

Mercer Lace (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 14.jpg

Delancey MJ (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 16.jpg

Delancey Lace (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 32.jpg

Delancy Ballerina (women’s)

KEEN CNX - 11.jpg

Bleecker Slip-On (men’s)

KEEN CNX - 33.jpg

Bleecker Lace (men’s)

KEEN CNX - 19.jpg

Nashoba (kid’s)

KEEN CNX - 4.jpg

Rockbrook (kid’s)

KEEN CNX - 23.jpg

Breezemont (kid’s)

KEEN CNX - 34.jpg

Sagewood (kid’s)

KEEN CNX - 21.jpg

Medomak (kid’s)

KEEN CNX - 35.jpg

Seacamp (kid’s)

KEEN launched its CNX line this week. For more info see the brand’s CNX page.