Fastest Bike on Planet? Massive chainring, fixed-gear

It may look like a joke. But the 17-inch diameter chainring that graces a custom Donhou Bicycles build is real, and it has a special purpose: To propel a rider to 100mph under his own power.

Donhou Bike.jpg

Speed racer: Can a bike go 100mph on flat ground?

Debuted at the Bespoked Bristol custom-bike show last week, the bike is a fixed-gear model with a massive 104-tooth chainring. The special gear was made by Royce, a British bike parts firm.

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Donhou bike captured attention at Bespoked Bristol show

Builder Tom Donhou said the impetus was “the simple desire to see how fast we can go” on a bike. According to reports on Bike Radar and an article on NPR, Donhou hopes to see a rider crank past 100mph on an airstrip and in the slipstream of a motorcycle or a car.

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Builder Shinichi Konno of Cherubim takes a look at the Donhou bike

See the NPR story, “One Gear, One Goal,” for more on Donhou and the bike with the biggest chainring we’ve ever seen.

—Stephen Regenold

Good to a Hundred bike.jpg

104-tooth chainring Donhou bike on display at the Bespoked Bristol show