Man Attacked By Coyotes In Colorado

Andrew Dickehage was treated for injuries. Photo by Colorado Parks and Wildlife

A 22-year-old Boulder, Colo., man was attacked by Coyotes early Monday morning while walking to work.

According to a report in the Boulder Daily Camera, Andrew Dickehage was walking at about 5 a.m. when three coyotes attacked him.

“I felt severe agony throughout my hand and I looked down and it had ahold of my finger,” he says of the beginning of the attack in a video interview. “It just wouldn’t let go.”

Dickehage was treated for his injuries and given vaccines for tetanus, rabies and more, according to the report.

Wildlife officials killed two of the three coyotes involved in the rare attack, the report said.

The report includes advice from Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials. If a coyote attacks:

— Do not run or turn your back

— Be as big and loud as possible

— Wave your arms and throw objects

— Face the coyote and back away slowly

— If attacked, fight back