Foam Shoes

Don’t look now but it seems a pair of naughty Chuck Taylors was a little late to the Crocs party. But once it arrived, well, things got serious. Take one glance at Native’s Jefferson shoe and you can see the new sneaker is genetically linked to the classic Converse model as well as Crocs’ rubbery sandal-shoes, which were all the rage almost a decade ago. Built from odor-hating EVA foam, the Native shoes come in a slew of hues and will set you back about $45. The style-hounds at said the shoes were “looking like the victim of a drive-by punch holing.”


Native Jefferson sneakers

A friend’s comment to me: “What are they trying to do, make ugly gardening shoes cool?” Native’s press release begs to differ. “The Jefferson defines itself as an instant classic, bold and edgy.” It continues: “The Jefferson is the perfect mix between good taste and subtle rebellion.”


Jefferson sneakers in blue

And the truth is probably a combination of all that. Ugly chic and perfect for style hounds, kitchen folks, garden lovers or those just looking for an alternative to flip flops for cruising around the beach.

—Stephen Krcmar maintains his sneaker habit online from Mammoth Lakes, California.

Posted by Amanda - 03/24/2010 07:30 PM

So how are they for river crossings, will the current pull them off or no?

Posted by tkshoes - 04/11/2010 12:51 AM

What shoes are good for working in wet conditions?
In the summer I do landscaping cutting grass, and we start early.

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