Adventure Race in N. Dakota to include Tree Climbing, Pack Rafts

On August 27, in the remote Pembina Gorge region of North Dakota, Ground Up Adventures will host END-AR 24, an all-day, all-night 24-hour adventure race with mountain biking, orienteering, trail running, and pack-rafting on rivers and lakes. North Dakota? Yes, not your typical state for high adventure. But Ground Up Adventures is run by Andy Magness, a local hardman with several expedition-length adventure races under his belt who is a member of Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers.

end ar - tree checkpoint.jpg

Racer going out onto a limb to punch a checkpoint in END-AR event

END-AR 24 is a part of the nationwide Checkpoint Tracker race series. It marks the end of a season of adventure events put together by Ground Up in North Dakota. Check it out here and sign up to race at the end of this month!

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Jordan - 08/18/2011 03:12 PM

This looks like a lot of fun! Very tough for sure, but fun!

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