Greatest Gear for 2014: 'Best in Show' Award Winners

The ‘Backcountry Bed’ — Hydrophobic down insulation and a zipper-less design distinguishes Sierra Designs’ Backcountry Bed 800 sleeping bag. It has an integrated “comforter” blanket and an oval-shape opening designed to “naturally adjust in width to prevent cold drafts.”

comforter sleeping bag.jpg

Sierra Designs touts you can sleep comfortably on your back, side, or stomach. We like the new take on the slumber situation outdoors. The mummy bag has its place still for sure, but in many situations a little extra comfort and versatility is nice.

sd bag.jpg

Starts at $349 (two-season model). An integrated sleeping pad sleeve lets you slip in a mattress to make the “Backcountry Bed” complete.

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