Off-Grid Power Generator (in form of Cooking Pot)

Our initial test was a first go with the PowerPot. We plan to test it more in the field, but, as noted, it immediately began charging an iPhone once flame was licking the pot base. We were impressed with the speed at which power began streaming into the device.

We left the pot on the heat source for several minutes, the phone steadily charging up probably at about the same rate as you get from plugging it into a laptop.

powerpot on camp stove.jpg

PowerPot on a camp stove

For backup or emergency use, this pot can be a great asset. But like most all chargers, including the BioLite and portable solar panels, it will take hours to revive a device to full power.

You need consistent fuel (either gas for a stove or sticks for a fire) to get consistent power. You need a water source — the PowerPot does not work without water inside.

In addition, a user must babysit the pot during a charge session to make sure the flame is consistent and that the water does not boil over.

Overall, the PowerPot gets a thumbs-up on our initial review. It’s a bit bulky and heavy for ultra-light backpackers, but many hikers and campers will not mind the size.

It heats water, it makes power on the side. If you run low on a phone charge or forget extra batteries for a camera or GPS, something like the PowerPot can be a reliable backup to have in your pack.

—Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of


USB cable juts off side of PowerPot

Posted by terra - 11/16/2012 02:13 PM

With a deep enough hole into the earths crust and equally long cable I can drop this into the hole and have continuous power! Start drilling!

Posted by cathrillseekers - 12/27/2012 05:44 PM

Really like option over the BioLite. I will test and review. Christmas gift to myself and you wonder why the wife never can find me anything. Because I buy it first. :)

Posted by Esowder - 01/03/2013 01:59 PM

Just got the Bio-lite for Christmas. how about heating the Power pot with the bio-lite? hmmmm

Posted by CarterH - 01/08/2013 08:19 PM

I believe you meant to say thermoelectric, not electromagnetic.

Posted by Christopher - 03/21/2013 10:28 PM

The PowerPot is the coolest thing ever, its lighter than the BioLite and is more practical. I love it

Posted by kylebg - 04/25/2013 04:54 PM

Two totally different applications and needs. I have the BioLite and have used it on several occasions. It’s biggest benifit is the unlimited fuel supply with the ability to charge devices. Personally I wouldn’t want to burn precious fuel just to charge my phone. Sure you may need to boil some water to cook a meal but I’m guessing that is not enough time to fully charge a dead device.

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