$20 Ski Rack

Forget hauling your skis in a rooftop cargo box or roof-mounted ski rack. Raxstars has designed a ski rack that penny-pinching ski bums will embrace. For $20 you get a rack that attaches to your vehicle’s luggage bars and carries a pair of skis and poles.

Raxstars ski rack mounted

The company claims its rack grips your car with up to 10 times the amount of locking force a “standard” roof-top ski carrier can muster. And, unlike most carriers, it easily comes off — and can be stored in the glove compartment — when you’re not using it.

Raxstars ski rack assembly

The rack is said to fit any luggage rack — whether it’s round, oval, square or other. The company is in the midst of creating a carrier that works with a vehicle’s luggage rack sans crossbars as well as a snowboard carrier.

You can lock the skis to the rack, and thus the rack to the vehicle, via a standard padlock.

The ski rack is currently available for $20. www.raxstars.com

—Ryan Dionne