Pack used by Ultra Runner champ? One he designed himself

You know Scott Jurek from his victories in some of the world’s toughest ultra-running events. But did you know he dabbles in product design?

Last year, Jurek collaborated with Ultimate Direction to design a vest-pack for ultra runners. His signature SJ Ultra Vest is built to be minimal yet able to carry all you’ll need when pushing it “fast and light” on a run, climb, or even a hard day hike.

jurek running vest.jpg

Jurek and the Ultimate Direction vest-pack he helped design

Made with runners first and foremost in mind, Jurek spent about a year of development time to help create the small pack. He took his knowledge from years of racing and put it toward the pack, from the placement of small food pockets to the special Cuben Fiber “bellows” and a stretchy mesh used on the pockets so small loads won’t bounce.

The result: The SJ Ultra Vest is stocked with pouches, holsters, pockets, and a main compartment. It weighs just 7.5 ounces empty yet can carry water bottles and enough gear for a fast day in the high country (9 liters of capacity).

UD Ultra Vest-front.jpg

SJ Ultra Vest

We have been testing Ultimate Direction’s vests this spring on long runs and so far are happy with the only-the-essentials approach. You can run and access water from the bottles, as well as grab food or gels from the up front pouches and pockets on the sides.

I caught up with Jurek last week to dissect the SJ Ultra Vest and get a scoop on the design, which he says makes the pack on a run “feel like it’s a part of my body.” —Amy Oberbroeckling

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Posted by Chris Terpstra - 04/30/2013 10:26 AM

This pack would allow me to spend more time with my K9 in the great WA outdoors.

Posted by Josh - 04/30/2013 10:28 AM

I need this pack for my upcoming Honeymoon, makes it that much easier to show off for my now soon to be wife. It’s important to keep the lady in your life impressed.

Posted by Perry Ligon - 04/30/2013 10:29 AM

I’m taking my ultra distance to the next level this year. I’ve run 50 milers, but this season I’m entered in the Laurel Highlands 70.5 Mile Ultra. The trail runs from Ohiopyle PA to Johnstown and and I could definitely use this UD vest-pack to help me reach that finish line. Thanks!

Posted by CRAusmus - 04/30/2013 10:30 AM

I need this pack to blow my own personal fastpacking record out of the water of course…Be perfect for long days on the trail.

Posted by Ed - 04/30/2013 10:30 AM

I need this because the summer has finally arrived and I need to make the most of it.

Posted by Gareth Hughes - 04/30/2013 10:30 AM

this pack would be used by me in training for and completing events for charities which have helped me through some bad times and back to regaining fitness,I owe them time to pay back!

Posted by Cora Kirkpatrick - 04/30/2013 10:32 AM

I am just getting into trail running and am also training for my first half-marathon. Running gear is sooo expensive! What a treat it would be to win something as awesome as this vest! :)

Posted by Jeff Javier - 04/30/2013 10:33 AM

It will help keep me hydrated and besides why wouldn’t anyone want this? It looks super cool. :)

Posted by Jim Arrow - 04/30/2013 10:33 AM

This would be the perfect pack to get me through all day training runs. I could carry the essentials plus some emergency gear.

Posted by TyP - 04/30/2013 10:34 AM

Not just a want but a NEED – SJ Ultra Vest would definitely give me a PR on my next race. I would wear it proudly

Posted by Brian Grouhel - 04/30/2013 10:35 AM

This pack looks like the perfect accessory for long, hard hikes up our local mountains.

Posted by Tim - 04/30/2013 10:36 AM

Attempting my first ultra this year (50 miles) and need all the help I can get!
I’d also use for…
Cycling, hunting, fly fishing, hiking, travel/day packing, camping, and more running.
Oh, and I have a big mouth, so plenty of people will hear about my awesome pack and where I got it! :)

Posted by JD - 04/30/2013 10:37 AM

Not to sound sappy or ask for any sympathy (I am not), but I had my t1/c7 fused on May 11, 2012 and have been suffering from complications since. I will say that, as of last week, I am on the road to some recovery. I have been doing a workout in the garage Monday-Saturday, with Sunday off. This goes on for another 40 days. Then, I plan on hitting the trail for some serious day hikes. I have climbed and skied MT Rainier, hiked a 7 day hike in 3 days and was as active as can be, prior to this dang injury. I plan to at least make somewhat a comeback, as I am sick of sitting around doing nothing. I belong outdoors. This pack could certainly help me achieve that goal. Semper Fi!

Posted by Dmann - 04/30/2013 10:38 AM

Every weekend, if I can, I take the opportunity to escape the city and get out into nature. One day I hope to be able to move out of the city and start my dream career as an outdoor instructor. I think this pack would be a nice addition to my adventures :) Pleas GearJunkie hook me up!

Posted by Cameron - 04/30/2013 10:38 AM

I need this pack because I’m training for my FIRST Ironman (Tempe AZ held in November). I frequently train by myself when I do my bike/run bricks and it would be nice just to get off my bike, have this pack on my back and run without needing to worry about where I will be getting my water/fuel. Also I stopped using a waist belt because it gave me lower back pain so I had to carry my water in my hand and it affects my running form. I like how the weight of the water/items is distributed on my back/chest. Looks really cool and I like that it was created by an endurance athlete who understands the challenges of keeping hydrated/fueled up well.

Posted by Jfuze303 - 04/30/2013 10:38 AM

One for water bottle for me, and one for my dog! Perfect.

Posted by Ed - 04/30/2013 10:38 AM

this would be the perfect pack to get me thru my first 100 mile race. ive completed 13.1, 26.2, 50k and 50m with ultimate direction hand held water bottles. please and thank you!!

Posted by Rich Kolb - 04/30/2013 10:39 AM

I need this vest because my wife is a runner. She runs a lot, and has a lot more stamina than I do. I plan on pulling a few practical jokes on her this summer, and I need this vest to help me with my getaway. I know what you’re thinking ‘Rich just said his wife is a better runner than him, how will this help?’ Well, I’ll tell you. See, she’s a better runner than I am, but she won’t have this vest, so she’ll have to stop to get drink. Since I won’t have to stop, I’ll be able to use that time to get farther away. My hope is that I get far enough away that I can safely get to a furniture store where I can pick out a nice sofa, since after the prank I’m sure to be sleeping on one.

Posted by Alexander - 04/30/2013 10:40 AM

I would like that pack because running in this east coast humidity, you really need to keep hydrated. What better way than with this pack?

Posted by Kat - 04/30/2013 10:40 AM

This pack looks amazing! I NEED this pack for a week long trail running trip I have planned on the Oregon PCT. Last year I ran about 100 miles on a 5 trip on the PCT and constantly battled with pack chaffing and running out of water. I had to carry a filter and hope for a non-dry stream. The pack would have this adventure and any other adventure I could possibly dream up covered. I mean if Scott Jurek worked on the design and development, it has got to be good!

Posted by William Gunsalus - 04/30/2013 10:41 AM

I’m always looking for the best product that’s simple and gets the job done. This pack would be perfect for me and my dog while on hikes and runs. I have used a Camelbak for years, but I hate that I have to stop and take it off in order to get something out of the pack. Plus you have to account for the drinking tube and making sure it doesn’t get in the way.

This pack would be so much better. Since its designed for running there is no need to stop in order to get something out. There is no drinking tube that will get annoying or in the way. And it would hold everything for me and the dog.

Posted by John Turner - 04/30/2013 10:42 AM

Minimalist weight and lets the air through for ventilation. Still lets enough sun through to keep the tan topped up though.

Posted by Faye - 04/30/2013 10:43 AM

I run ultras and have my dog with me on training runs. This would be an awesome system to carry water/food for myself and water/food for her, as she can have one of the bottles. Much better than the ghetto system I have set up right now! It will also provide an extra bottle in winter when the line freezes up.

Posted by Robert - 04/30/2013 10:43 AM

I would be the only one who runs in the Latvian forests with this SJ Ultra Vest. I Guarantee.

Posted by Gilbert - 04/30/2013 10:46 AM

This pack would be a great help on the Manatou incline this summer I have gotten a bit soft caring for my injured wife (shameless appeal for sympathy) and could use any motivation I can get to hit the trails

Posted by Ian Edwards - 04/30/2013 10:46 AM

Last July I received a kidney transplant and have been working on jogging and working out to get more endurance and stay healthy. Being on Dialysis for 8 years and having a rejected transplant 2 years ago have made it really hard as I have been cut from hip to hip with the surgeries. The ability to carry a lot of water when either jogging or running would be very helpful, as I have to carry all my water with me. I cannot drink from water fountains.

Posted by Jonathan - 04/30/2013 10:47 AM

I was out of shape for a long time and I have been working my way back into shape doing more outdoor activities. Living near the Columbia River Gorge lends itself to alot that and I would love all the help of this awesome pack in my new adventures in the great outdoors.

Posted by mitch - 04/30/2013 10:47 AM

because my wife is entering her first ever distance run, The Ragnar, and she can use it.

Posted by Brooke Wagner - 04/30/2013 10:47 AM

I am a new mom to a 24 week preemie! I am trying to lose the baby weight and get back in shape! This would be a fantastic piece of gear to take on my runs/hikes. Not to mention, I am climbing all of Colorado’s 14’ers and this Summer Long’s Peak is the first on my list. This pack would be a GREAT addition to my hike!

Posted by Ryan - 04/30/2013 10:49 AM

I’m sure Mr Jurek would want a happy, staggering, smiling, glassy-eyed, shuffling, singing, joyful guy wearing his pack on the DTRE 100 course in June. And it carries extra water, which makes sharing easy, which keeps my fellow runners out there with me. That’s what I like the most. No lie.

Posted by Adam lloyd - 04/30/2013 10:49 AM

I deserve it because the red would go so well with my red trail running mankini

Posted by HK - 04/30/2013 10:51 AM

I need this for my 10 yr old son! He is constantly rehydrating, he sweats a lot! This would be the perfect gear for him to use in Boy Scouts as a day pack for activities, and for our family activities of hiking, biking, walking our Beagle, volksmarching, & nordic walking! Please help me keep my son hydrated & active! :) Thanks Gear Junkie!!!

Posted by Chris - 04/30/2013 10:51 AM

I need this pack for my summer hiking and camping trips. I had a kidney transplant in Nov of 2010 and I need to keep hydrated and I am taking a ton of meds to keep the kidney working great! This pack would hold the water i need and gives me a great place to store my meds. (over 30 different meds a day)

Posted by les - 04/30/2013 10:51 AM

My son and I need to take Light House Trail, Palo Duro Canyon, and it takes water

Posted by Brian Charles - 04/30/2013 10:52 AM

This pack would allow me to continue my path to improved health through running by lowering my triglyceride levels and get the “obese” label off my back that our health care system applies.

Posted by Tim B. - 04/30/2013 10:52 AM

I’m still fairly new to trail running with only 5 trail races under my belt and the longest to date is 11 miles. I’m looking at doing my first 50K in September of this year and the vest I have now, I don’t think will hold enough food to get me through. This pack/vest would be awesome because it’s definitely lighter and appears to have more space for food and gels.

Posted by Jeremy Neel - 04/30/2013 10:54 AM

I go on hikes, maintain pools, and generally spend quite a bit of time outdoors in the Summer. This would be a great way to keep hydrated.

Posted by Kevin Lloyd - 04/30/2013 10:54 AM

Why do I need this vest ? Simply put I have 2 kids a wife and a dog that turn me into a pack mule when we go on trips this vest is a prayer answered I will cross my fingers thanks for offering it

Posted by John "Spideridol" Edmondson - 04/30/2013 10:54 AM

This pack covers all my bases. Fastpacking, Endurance Relays, Mountainbiking, Running, Commuting to work, Photography outings, Kayaking/Canoeing, Ghost hunting, Freeze Tag,Brutal Hop-scotch tournaments, A summit pack,Watching old eco-challenge competitions on tv, and looking cool. I still use my UD packs I bought back in ’93. Awesome products, and a great company. This would be a gamechanging win for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

Posted by Tim J. - 04/30/2013 10:54 AM

I don’t need this pack.
I don’t need to run outside.
I don’t need to stay fit.
I don’t need to be a healthy, productive person.
wait a second
I DO want to be healthy and productive!
I DO want to be fit!
I DO want to remain fit by running outdoors!
I DO want to be unencumbered so I can go farther!

Posted by Timmy - 04/30/2013 11:00 AM

I need this pack to make Bear Grylls jealous !! ;D

Posted by Zaccheus Confiado - 04/30/2013 11:00 AM

I would use this to carry my 1 year old’s soy milk and snack supply as he is constantly hungry. I will need it when we go on our family hikes in the N GA mountains. I can’t say I NEED it, but most definitely want it. Plus it looks cool.

Posted by Louis Barbour - 04/30/2013 11:01 AM

I need this to train not only for tuff mudder but for life and look awesome while I do it! I love to stay fit and look good while doing it. This would extremely help in all Aspects and would be a sweet gift! Thanks for the Opportunity!

Posted by Scott Schauer - 04/30/2013 11:04 AM

About a year and a half ago my life changed. I weighed 225lbs. and was fairly weak and just plodding along in life. A relationship ended. It was quite sad, but turned into a motivator. I started running every other day. On the opposite days I would ride my mountainbike. I stopped eating 4 times a day, changed my diet. I fought through the personal loss, and realized I was losing more than dark energy…I was losing weight. I was gaining happiness, enthusiasm, feeling intensely motivated to try new things like climbing mountains and trail running.
Now I weigh 197lbs. I’ve continued my diet, running, climbing, riding and skiing. 4” at waist are now gone. I have accumulated gear and know how to use it. I am in control and infinitely Happy. Whether you decide to “win” me the vest, I am on the trail to certain well being. It feels cathartic to share my story through this comment. I also create images from photo files. I shoot in the wilderness. If you like see them here:

Posted by Ty Criner - 04/30/2013 11:04 AM

I have a very direct reason. It will get used on a regular basis for everything from my training trail runs to my minimalist overnight travels.

Posted by John M hazlett - 04/30/2013 11:07 AM

an haiku: My mouth screams of thirst / SJ Ultravest hears me / and slakes my dryness.

Posted by Brad Peavoy - 04/30/2013 11:07 AM

I haven’t got a new pack in 3 years, so I’m overdue for a new one…and hey, I’d look awesome in that pack! And I can use my other UD bottles in it!

Posted by Lisa Marie - 04/30/2013 11:08 AM

I need this pack because my dog’s pack only carries so much ! Love that PACK!!!

Posted by Rebecca - 04/30/2013 11:11 AM

Packing up my gear
Outdoor adventures await
Help to quench my thirst

Posted by Clinton Munkres - 04/30/2013 11:16 AM

I need this pack because I am going to train for my first full marathon. This past year I have lost almost 60 lbs by taking up running. Running has also attributed to being able to kick type 2 diabetes. This would go a long way towards improving my health goals.

Posted by Doc Velasquez - 04/30/2013 11:19 AM

This pack would be perfect for a run, bike, hike and even a hunt in the hot New Mexico sun. Send one my way and I’ll put it till the rest.

Posted by Gary Dolch - 04/30/2013 11:19 AM

I would like to win this pack for my brother who lives in Las Vegas. He frequently goes hiking to the hot springs, and insists on using an old backpack that barely holds a bottle of water and some food. This pack would be perfect for those Nevada and Arizona desert excursions, and if I “got” this for him, he’d definitely use it.

Posted by Doc Velasquez - 04/30/2013 11:20 AM

This pack would be perfect for a run, bike, hike and even a hunt in the hot New Mexico sun. Send one my way and I’ll put it to the test.

Posted by tom george - 04/30/2013 11:22 AM

I would like to win this pack, I’m a keen athlete/ runner/ orienteer/ triathlete and this pack would be perfect for my threshold and long distance runs. I’m a stickler for sports gadgets/ equipment and this has to be up there with the best!

Posted by Alex - 04/30/2013 11:25 AM

I could really use this because I am rocking an old camelback with a leaky bladder that has been modified multipul times. I love it but I might find myself on the trail thirsty very soon.

Posted by David Rosnesteel - 04/30/2013 11:27 AM

that would be the excellent accessory for rafting a river,then a half mile hike to climb a 80ft wall to find this extreme geocache I’ve set aside for this summer lol. its a 5/5 so I’m hoping this works out for me thanx guys

Posted by Michael - 04/30/2013 11:33 AM

I’ve been suffering with an old school camelbak that flops way too much or a cheap hip pack…and that just WON’T do for R2R2R in October. I’ll take pictures of just me and the pack…naked at each rim. :)

Posted by Greg Hanson - 04/30/2013 11:35 AM

A must have for Minnesota trail running and hiking with my wife (Martha) and pooch (Vizsla). I would have no shame in being the “waterboy” for those two! “My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.” -Bobby Boucher

Posted by Anna Van Leemputten - 04/30/2013 11:37 AM

If I run with a rucksack, which I have had to do on longer events, then I know I’ve been wearing one, for weeks afterwards, as the bruises/welts on my shoulders subside. It would be amazing to win something designed by a runner I really admire, who knows how quickly the conditions and gradients can change and therefore how adaptable this piece of equipment has to be. And my boyfriend would be very happy because I’d quit complaining about the bruises!

Posted by Alecia - 04/30/2013 11:41 AM

I NEED this pack to keep me hydrated in the Texas heat this summer. With three kids, my sanity depends on long hot runs, between corn fields, on gravel roads.Quench my thirst GJ!

Posted by Brian Wood - 04/30/2013 11:41 AM

That is one cool pack! I don’t NEED that pack, but I sure do want it. Would be a great way to keep hydrated and fueled on my long distance trips.

Posted by Josh - 04/30/2013 11:45 AM

I’m relocating to Albuquerque, NM (again). This pack will keep me and my family moving through the long desert days we hike and climb and run. It’s about unity more than anything.

Posted by vladimir - 04/30/2013 11:50 AM

I LIVE IN F….N BOSNIA! Go and check where is this country and you will found out why do you need to give this to me…

Posted by Josh Greenberg - 04/30/2013 11:55 AM

If I won an Ultra Vest I’d give it to my friend Paul because he has MS and he runs 50 mile and 100 mile events. Sometimes he runs to raise money and sometimes he runs to remind his MS that it’s not in charge. I don’t beleive he is running away from his family since they are quite nice; maybe he just enjoys running. So, since no one is chasing me I do not run, but my friend Paul does and he’d get a lot of use out the Ultra Vest. Cheers!

Posted by Josiah - 04/30/2013 11:55 AM

When I was ten years old I ran a marathon with my father, I soon learned how easy it was for a man to outpace me. Luckily my father had a device like this and managed to consume one half of his water bottle and still had his reservoir, I however drank a bottle and a half that he alone carried. I’d like to have a running pack like this I can use and share, LOL.

Posted by Dylanthropist - 04/30/2013 12:00 PM

I could really use these vest on my upcoming run around the moon.

Posted by Robert R - 04/30/2013 12:02 PM

I am constantly looking for effective hydration equipment and this pack looks perfect. Here in the Southern California desert the temps can get up over 110 degrees F and proper hydration is a “must” this pack would be great in my arsenal against dehydration.

Posted by heini - 04/30/2013 12:02 PM

it looks too good to be true, send me one so i could see its true and take it for a nice forrest trail here in finland.

Posted by Chris - 04/30/2013 12:08 PM

Over 400 miles from Buffalo to Albany, NY in late July I need a great hydration solution such as this vest. I like that you can grab the bottles right from the holsters with ease.

Posted by Dennis N - 04/30/2013 12:16 PM

Pretty simple reason why I would love to win this. I am a parent who does not have much extra income. I love trail running & endurance events but I can’t justify the cost of this vest (I saw it at a local store). Winning this would be awesome!

Posted by Hal Summers - 04/30/2013 12:18 PM

I hike all year in the desert, even when the temperature is hitting 118°. Hydration is extremely important to me.

Posted by Liz Kolb - 04/30/2013 12:24 PM

I would love to use this as an easy and lightweight way to car water and a snack for the 12 mile tough mudder. I hope it’s washable. After that it would be great for hiking, biking and running with my snotty nosed kids. One water bottle for them and one for me! :)

Posted by Lauren - 04/30/2013 12:34 PM

I neeeeeeeeed this pack to stay hydrated as I train for my first 50k this summer :) Pretty please.

Posted by Christopher Mackey - 04/30/2013 12:45 PM

I eat a lot of salt.

Posted by Robin - 04/30/2013 12:54 PM

I’m an ‘older’ and slower runner. Some people complete ultras in the time it takes me to run a marathon. I am often out for 4+ hour training runs. I currently use a competitor’s one-bottle pack, but I find the capacity insufficient for longer runs. So you can add a third niche for this pack beyond hikers and ultra runners — slower marathoners who love running just as much as the fast ones do, but just take a little (or a lot) longer to do the distance!

Posted by Jeremiah Weakley - 04/30/2013 12:56 PM

I am going to be doing a lot of geocaching this summer and this pack would help me go farther, faster, and longer than I could any other way.

Posted by Dan Schaefer - 04/30/2013 01:11 PM

I NEED this pack because my adventure racing teammate is a sado masochist who is counting on me to bring it at USARA Nationals and it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me live up to his expectations without this pack!!

Posted by Val Kowalewich - 04/30/2013 01:12 PM

I have just recovered from a severed Achilles tendon and am in rehab. These items would be very helpful in my training and recovery. Plus I will look damn sexy on the trails!

Posted by Troy - 04/30/2013 01:14 PM

If the selection criteria to win is who ‘needs’ the pack, how could I win? I’m a middle of the pack hobbiest runner / hiker / outdoorsman. I would probably not buy the pack, as nice as it looks I would have a hard time justifying the expense to myself and more specifically to the boss, my wife.
Boy would I like it and if I had one it would most certainly be used, extensively! If the selection criteria is random, or out of ‘pity’ :D I’m all in.

Posted by Riley K. - 04/30/2013 01:23 PM

I would like to win this backpack because my family and i are going camping and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. We will be spending a few weeks there at the end of june. It would be nice to have a bag like that and to make my brothers jealous.

Posted by Christine Scott - 04/30/2013 01:36 PM

I want this pack for my new companion on my weight loss journey. I plan to put myself through a complete change of life including a change in diet, hydration, exercise, and mental state to lose 65lbs. I will be spending a good deal of time hitting the trail and this bag will come in handy to hold all I need to stay on top of the situation…

Posted by Bryan Franco - 04/30/2013 01:43 PM

Summers here in New England !! Time to hit the woods , the beach , the ocean , would be great to have one for me and one for my buddy Smokey when we go on hikes or even a day out at the park . UD rules !

Posted by John McFarland - 04/30/2013 01:55 PM

I get thirsty when I run a long way; plus I think it looks cool at a picnic when I fill the water bottles with ice cold gin and tonics.

Posted by Bill W. - 04/30/2013 02:00 PM

I’m running my first 100 miler called the Longest day run on June 21st and it most likely will be a very warm day along the Susquehanna River in Maryland! My biggest challenge no doubt will be staying hydrated!

Posted by Dorogi Levente - 04/30/2013 02:02 PM

I want to become a professional runner, and year by year I am going faster and lighter. This year would be the one, when I could tackle the challenge of the iconic and ultra tough Verdon 100. I would need an ultra-light bag what can carry all the essentials with bottles up front, and lets me thrive at the lead and break the course record. This aid would be really helping a big dream come true ! Thanks lads – tons awesome posts already

Posted by Philip Baker - 04/30/2013 02:06 PM

This vest would be ideal for the long weekend hikes in take with my son in the swamps of southern Florida. This would make carrying water and light tools so much easier.

Posted by Sphen - 04/30/2013 02:16 PM

Probably not what you’d expect, but I need gear to lead 25 students through the dog days of summer in Paris. You tell them to bring water for an outing, you remind them to bring water, you ask them if they have they’re water…and then they need water. This would be killer.

Posted by Louise - 04/30/2013 02:20 PM

I NEED this pack because I recently moved to California where it is customary for ladies to have large plastic jugs on the front of their chests. The SJ Ultra Vest will be perfect for my needs – particularly the stretchy mesh used on the pockets which ensures minimal bounce.

Posted by Rene - 04/30/2013 02:25 PM

I need it to survive in my next competition

Posted by Colleen K. - 04/30/2013 02:27 PM

With this gear, I could fulfill my ultimate dream which is to be out in the woods all night and if the coyotes get me, I have decent life insurance for my 14 year old son. Of course, he would be an orphan but he can always go live with his Dad.

Posted by katarina - 04/30/2013 02:44 PM

Pick me, I will use it to maximum and push myself to top levels to show how proud I would be to have a sports hydration bag like that. Pick me.

Posted by Christina Eland - 04/30/2013 02:49 PM

I NEED the SJ Ultra Vest because in October I will be flying out to Tanzania in Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! Not only am I doing this to tick it off my bucket list, but I am also doing it to raise money for an incredible charity called Born Free Foundation!

Hiking and running are perfect exercise for my training, with the benefit of making me feel free and like I can achieve anything! All I NEED is hydration to keep me going :-)

Chrissy’s 2013 Kilimanjaro

Posted by sheila bergin goss - 04/30/2013 02:57 PM

Wow…for canicross and cani-hiking….I really need to carry at least as much water as I ask my pup to carry! Doing nothing extraordinary, like some of the other posts , but lots of activity as I enter my retirement years!

Posted by Nicole Biddle - 04/30/2013 03:00 PM

I need this for my canyon runs and hiking!

Posted by Norm Levy - 04/30/2013 03:04 PM

Perfect for long runs. Like the system way better than bladders. This way I know how much water I have plus I don’t have to spend time cleaning the bladder post race to get rid of micro organisms.

Posted by stanley Mckinney - 04/30/2013 03:29 PM

Ah heck give it to someone who runs I just wanna help support the out door industry . Good luck someone! Don’t forget to like trailheads cus we like you:)

Posted by Brenda - 04/30/2013 05:07 PM

I NEED this because I live and play in Tucson, AZ.End of reason.

Posted by Laura Lawson - 04/30/2013 05:44 PM

It would be perfect for this grandmother of 9 to keep hydrated while walking and doing 5K’s.

Posted by glen marr - 04/30/2013 05:59 PM

the ultimate tool , to maintain hydration while keeping your hands free and large armholes prevent binding or hang ups. a great design

Posted by D. Thayer - 04/30/2013 06:02 PM

To celebrate my birthday this summer, I’m running my first ultramarathon. I need this pack to stay hydrated and fueled on the Skyline 50k.
I also started run commuting to work, and this pack would work great on my 6-mile run across San Francisco.

Posted by Celeste Avery - 04/30/2013 06:08 PM

I need this cuz I’M THIRSTY!!!! Very thirsty!

Posted by Nick - 04/30/2013 06:09 PM

Gotta stay hydrated running from zombies. The pack is perfect for keeping you mobile with keeping adequate hydration on hand.

Posted by Stephen - 04/30/2013 06:23 PM

I need this pack as I’m embarking on running the South Coast track (87k) in deep south/westTasmania. Regarded as one of the most technical/hardest and isolated ‘walking tracks’ in Australia, it is not a track that is meant to be run, and only a few have attempted. This would be the perfect run for this pack! Why walk when you can run.

Posted by Justin - 04/30/2013 06:24 PM

I need this because my fat ass needs to get out and get some exercise.

Posted by Marty Bartow - 04/30/2013 06:36 PM

I’m training to complete a spartan trifecta and I keep getting slowed down by my need to hydrate. Or I ignore my thirst and end up dehydrating myself. I need this pack to complete my life’s goal.

Posted by Gordon Strawn - 04/30/2013 06:59 PM

As a youth BSA scoutmaster, this item would give me a chance to demonstrate, try and recommend new equipment in our monthly outdoor activities (including our Philmont trek this summer)! As a school teacher it looks good for Field Trips, too.

Posted by Jana Baldwin - 04/30/2013 08:16 PM

This would definitely come in handy with my 2 little girls on our walks!! Instead of them complaining of having to hold their water bottles, I can do if for them hands free!!! Packing snacks in the back is an added bonus.

Posted by Brian Sturos - 04/30/2013 09:15 PM

I want this pack to store choice beverages when fly fishing. plus put sweet stuff in the neat pockets and stuff

Posted by Douglas - 04/30/2013 09:24 PM

I bike to work every day year round and this would help SOOOOOO much during summer. I’m also training for an epic week of paintball in October.

Posted by Ron LeDonne - 04/30/2013 09:28 PM

It would be great for my summer hiking trip in Northern Wisconsin!

Posted by Andy - 04/30/2013 09:38 PM

My wife would love this. She has been pushing her ultra running to the next level and the bag she has just doesn’t cut it.

Posted by Brandon - 04/30/2013 09:44 PM

Really? You need to ask? Just look at it! Look at the fit! Look at the weight! Look at all the perfectly placed pockets! Even a place for trekking polls(Don’t always need them) Im gonna buy one anyway! That way if I win, I’ll have two and my life will be twice as awesome!

Posted by Randee - 04/30/2013 11:38 PM

I need it because I am a GearJunkie!!! and I want it!!!

Posted by Michael - 05/01/2013 12:01 AM

Do you have any idea how hot it gets in Texas in the summer? Daytime distance runs are miserable and staying hydrated is a necessity. Carrying enough fluids is a challenge. Do I look like a freaking camel? …That’s a rhetorical question…Don’t answer that… I can’t carry enough in my humps…I mean hands to stay hydrated, so I need something like this for my own safety.

Posted by Tomi Cummings - 05/01/2013 05:01 AM

My wife and I are just starting out learning how to hike and run. This would help greatly on our quest to become healthier. We love spending time together and this would make it easier to keep going without having to stop and get our drinks and snacks. Thank you.

Posted by Patrick Tsai - 05/01/2013 10:21 AM

When I first set eyes on this masterpiece I instantly thought Gucci? Prada? This must be culture, specifically measured and cut for ‘da club’ or any dance venue really. When I’m out dancing, I find flaunting a little chest hair to be hawt. Well this vest will give me the opportunity to show off my chest to belly trail in style. The glistening sweat dropping from my man hair may scream SEXY BEAST to some, but to me it’s a reminder of my departing hydration. I’m glad Mr. Jurek took the needs of a true endurance dancer into account. I used to have to dance holding two water bottles. Have you ever tried to bump and grind holding two water bottles? I mean, I’m pretty good at it now, but there continues to be some awkward moments when I might let slip a bottle as I’m ‘getting down’. Jurek knows how this can break a steady flow of killer moves. That’s why he created the double dance bottle holder system. For that I believe I could embody the true nature of how Jurek envisioned this vest to be worn. I’d be truly proud to dawn such a vest on the dance floor.

Posted by Kyle - 05/01/2013 12:22 PM

I’m going home in June for the first time in a great long while, with several objectives: to visit my aging folks in my rural hometown; to roam about and range across the Adirondack foothills I neglected as a teen, and long for as an adult; to somewhat reset the family image of me as a pasty, wispy, selfish acolyte of video games and indoors, now as a patient ultrarunner, adventure-seeker, and lover of the wild; to discover, as I often wondered in boyhood, what IS over those hills; and, after my reunion at my nearby alma mater, from which I departed 12 years ago, I can best appreciate my friends’ dropped jaws and saucer eyes when I hug them goodbye, and say lightly that I am running the 16 miles home. This pack is the tool with which to cross these items off my list, but more, it will further my hometown story, and vindicate my self-image in its context, as something that teen would be proud and excited to be.

Posted by Arnau - 05/01/2013 02:09 PM

I need it to run UTMB. 100 Miles and a lot of fun for all. :)

Posted by Kaleb - 05/01/2013 02:45 PM

This thing is so futuristic. That they aren’t even available where I’m living New Zealand wouldn’t know what hit it. The rip-stop bags would become obsolete.

Posted by Dmsigurdur - 05/01/2013 04:05 PM

This pack would help me get my 5th buckle at the Superior 100.

Posted by Nick - 05/01/2013 04:41 PM

Cycling around Crater Lake, OR!

Posted by Heide - 05/01/2013 04:42 PM

My running days are somewhat over. However, if I were to wear this on my bike trip in Wyoming this summer, I bet it would be a conversation starter!

Posted by tash - 05/01/2013 04:48 PM

left bottle for the climb up, right bottle for the climb down. all those pockets for all the precious rocks/fossils i must keep for remembrin’.

Posted by Rich - 05/01/2013 04:59 PM

I need this as this is the year of my first ultra! I’m kicking off with my first trail marathon on Sunday, then I’m going to the Lake District in June to run the Scafell Marathon solo (as I can’t make the race date), then in August it’s a 50km trail run near Salisbury in the UK. It’s the beginning of my midlife crisis (according to my wife)! Love running – just get out there and do it :)

Posted by Toby - 05/01/2013 05:00 PM

Having had a total right knee and a total left hip replacement back in 2011 this vest is just what I need for my limited running but more importantly my cycling. Cycling has replaced running as my passion especially while riding the 1/2 and full marathon courses to watch my wife as she runs the events across the southeast!!!

Posted by Steve Norris - 05/01/2013 05:05 PM

I need this pack because like most humans I require water, exercise, and most importantly, adventure.

Posted by Chris Russell - 05/01/2013 05:10 PM

I’m heading to China in a few weeks and will be climbing Yellow Mountain, Mount Zian among several others in addition to hikes down the Leaping Tiger Forge. It will be a 50 day back packing trip consisting of mostly hiking, so any means to carry more water and gear, while cutting down on weight would make this safer.

Posted by Victoria Chavarria - 05/01/2013 05:17 PM

I need this pack because I soooooooo want it!!!
….. Can’t get used to back packs and those for the waist are worst… This one is the ideal for me!…. Besides , I would look gorgeous with it! ;)

Posted by Mike - 05/01/2013 05:44 PM

I’m a Active Duty Military member currently stationed in Korea. I need this pack for my summer runs and adventures over here. This pack would be ideal for quick trips up into the mountains and runs along the foothills of the Sandia Mtn. When I get back home to Albuquerque!

Posted by Drew Weiman - 05/01/2013 05:44 PM

I’m living in Chilean Patagonia and I don’t have a waist pack or a small running vest/pack. This would be perfect for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler I’m running in Santiago on Oct 19th! Currently I run with a huge backpack and it looks ridiculous! haha

Posted by Sam S - 05/01/2013 05:51 PM

Looking forward to a few alpine adventures this summer and the SJ Ultra Vest would be a perfect fit. Also looking to run my first ultra by the end of the year!

Posted by Robyn - 05/01/2013 06:24 PM

I am moving from Texas to Maine and I NEED this to explore the woods of Acadia National Park in style! Cadillac Mountain, here I come!

Posted by Nicholas Kelley - 05/01/2013 07:55 PM

I really don’t have any reason that is better than anyone else here. I would love to win the pack. I am working my way up to my first ultra and currently have no gear, so I do need it. You would also be helping a poor college student. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Chris Bombria - 05/01/2013 10:11 PM

Even with the late spring snow it’s time to start gearing up for bagging peaks this summer. This pack is perfect!

Posted by William Gunsalus - 05/02/2013 11:13 AM

I am adding to my previous answer, I just thought of this last night as I was thinking about this product. It is also an improvement over the fanny pack models, which I refuse to wear, and would be better for running because as a vest it wouldn’t bounce or slide as you moved.

Posted by Colin - 05/02/2013 01:38 PM

I need this pack to run like a meat-eating version of Scott.

Posted by xVx - 05/03/2013 01:22 AM

Jurek also helped design the Brooks PureGrit trail running shoes. I haven’t yet had a chance to try them but I own a pair of the PureFlows and they are quite comfortable and well suited for less minimal running.

@Colin, meat, dairy eggs and other animal products only slow you down and cause health problems later in life. They are products you don’t need and also products of exploitation, so just ditch them.

I used to eat animals, wear animals and do other things that involved some form of exploitation towards others. I realized several years ago I didn’t need to do that and it wasn’t helping me or anyone else. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy that chapter in my life, I just knew it was holding me back and causing problems for others that didn’t need to be. Why exploit someone else when you don’t have to and it can cause harm to your own self.

Posted by Jim E. - 05/03/2013 08:27 AM

Because I’m a guy and my wife says I never stop to ask for directions. Now with a new Ultimate Direction pack, she won’t be able to say THAT any more.

Posted by Jim E. - 05/03/2013 08:31 AM

Because I’m a guy and my wife says I never stop to ask for directions. Now with a new Ultimate Direction pack, I still won’t have to stop for directions, but it won’t matter because I will have everything I need right there with me!

(Hit Enter too soon, even after previewing! See? Directionally challenged!)

Posted by Nicolai - 05/03/2013 10:24 AM

Set my ironman training free: I prefer long trail runs to my 20-30 k run sessions, which in the summer time requires I set up an aid station to loop around. With this pack I would be free to run whereever my feet would lead me to go.

Posted by Brad K. - 05/03/2013 12:22 PM

Help me run the Crow Pass Crossing (24 miles) in the Western Chugach mountains near Anchorage. Also, this pack will significantly help me on my many long trail runs throughout the front range of Anchorage.

Posted by Amy Oberbroeckling - 05/06/2013 10:56 AM

Thanks for all of your submissions! Readers “Ryan” and “Michael” were selected as our two winners. Check the GearJunkie Facebook page for more details.

Posted by Marianna - 06/05/2013 10:06 AM

could really use this for the july race in Peru in high desert like conditions. It’s always a pain to figure out hydration on long races. Being “older than dirt” I’m careful on considerations on what I buy. Don’t want a closet full of stuff I find doesn’t work. Been there done that and gave it away.

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