Photo Contest: Submit a 'Sea to Summit' image to Win Gear

Have you ever paddled a beautiful sea or hiked an epic summit? We want to see it!

For this contest with Sea to Summit, send us a shot you’ve taken on an adventure to either a sea (or any body of water) or a summit. Instructions to enter below.

sts summit shot.jpg

To enter: Send in a picture and a one-sentence description of a sea (or any body of water) in which you’ve paddled, swam or relaxed… or, send a photo of a summit you’ve reached. Be creative, or send in your most epic shot from a trip near home or far away!

> Submit the image(s) here this week. (Paste/copy and send to if this link does not work on your system.)

The Prize: We’ll award the best two photos with a package of the gear from Sea to Summit, including the company’s Hydraulic Dry Bag with shoulder harness, a pack towel, Micro MC II sleeping bag, Ultra-Sil NANO dry sack, and more!

sea to summit gear.jpg

Sea to Summit gear, up for grabs

Deadline: Submit by Friday, May 10th, at 5pm EST. Winners will be chosen over the weekend. Good luck!

Posted by Bryon - 05/06/2013 08:15 PM

I’d send in a shot, but can’t access the email to send it to. The link just directs to my in computer email service that I dont’ use and don’t have set up.

Posted by Hans - 05/06/2013 09:16 PM

Bryon, you can just email it to and that should work as well.

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