SteriPEN JourneyLCD Review

The SteriPEN JourneyLCD, the latest product from Hydro-Photon Inc., is a handheld water purifier that zaps microorganisms swimming in suspect water with an ultra violet light.

It’s different from the company’s Adventurer model — which I review here in depth: — in that the JourneyLCD has an easier-to-understand interface.


Want to purify a batch of water? With the JourneyLCD, here’s what you do:

1. Push the big gray button to turn it on.

2. Stick the glass tip into your water.

3. Watch as the timer ticks to zero on the LCD screen.

That’s it.

Once the timer hits zero — counting down from 48 seconds for 0.5 liters (and 90 seconds for 1 liter) — a smiley face graphic appears. Bing! Water is ready to drink.


Above: the full kit; cost: $129.95.

How does this magic wand work, you ask? According to the company, the ultra-violet-light-emitting device destroys the DNA of microorganisms, making them unable to reproduce and cause illness. It zaps microbes, viruses, and bacteria, including the well-known likes of giardia and cryptosporidium.

Use the SteriPEN JourneyLCD in the woods. Use it in a foreign place to purify suspect tap water. Either way, the product is a quicker and easier solution than the alternative of chemical treatments or a pump.

Available: Now

Price: $129.95


Posted by The Flowfield Unity - 04/04/2008 12:08 PM

It might go for the DNA, but remember that it will do nothing to the toxins produced by some bacteria.

Posted by Nancie - 04/07/2008 04:35 PM

The SteriPEN is great for clear water but not water with any particulate. The UV Light will not go through certain particles, thus the harmful bacteria etc can hide in those areas. Ask the company they called the company I use to wwork for and asked about making a filter for them because it did not work if there was any particulate in the water. Something to keep in mind.

Posted by Ken - 01/12/2010 08:40 PM

They’ve actually got a sediment filter now that fits on nalgene (and with the added tip any) water bottles. (second product down).

I’ve been using this off and on for a year now, and the speed + lack of chemicals added to the water rocks. Not to mention how light weight it is (well, lighter than a pump filter, but you still can’t beat carrying around iodine tablets).

I’m a big fan, just don’t drop this thing, if you get even a tiny scratch in the glass, it’ll complain about replacing the bulb. Had me boiling water for 3 days haha. But its still a great product, and I went back and bought the backpackers version:

I’ve also met 3 rangers using this on various reserves. While everyone else in the camp site pumped and watched water trickle out, he ended up walking over and sterilizing everyones water for them lol. Great product!

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