Venture Snowboards Sells Direct

Venture snowboards joined the growing number of companies that are selling products directly to customers. The Silverton, Colo.-based company recently launched its online store after customers complained that retailers didn’t have ample inventory – as well as simply wanting to purchase directly from Venture.

But retailers aren’t entirely cut out of the picture. With Venture’s set up, when someone places an order, his local dealer has a chance to fill it. If the retailer doesn’t have the product, it’ll ship directly from Venture.

Venture Snowboards.jpg

Venture snowboards’ online store

On the site you can buy everything from pint glasses and stickers to hoodies and snowboards.

And for a limited time (at least through March), customers in the lower 48 who spend more than $50 get free shipping.

—Ryan Dionne

Posted by Stephen Krcmar - 02/27/2010 11:54 AM

Neat post about a great company who makes superlative snowboards. I spent the last month riding their Storm splitboard, Backcountry magazine’s board of the year, and was blown away. It totally ruled in the BC and was even a bunch of fun at the resort.

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