YogaSlackers Y.E.S. Tour of Colorado

It is day No. 7 for Team YogaSlackers’ Y.E.S. outdoors-sports and yoga tour of Colorado. What’s that, you ask? Beginning last week, the group of American yoga instructors and amateur athletes — a.k.a. the YogaSlackers — began an unsupported bike tour of Colorado to promote “awareness through adventure.”

YogaSlackers Bike Tour Start.jpg

Team YogaSlackers loaded up at the start of the tour

The tour — called “Yoga. Extreme. Sustainability,” or Y.E.S. — kicked off at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail. It includes more than a dozen stops around the state to participate in events ranging from mountain bike races to yoga clinics.

YogaSlackers Bike Tour.jpg

On the road

The four-person group is hauling gear in bike trailers and pedaling more than 1,000 miles over 30 days. They are giving yoga clinics and community slideshows about climate change, social entrepreneurship, and wind energy.

For the trip, YogaSlackers is partnering with Beads of Courage, a non-profit organization that supports children coping with serious illness. You can follow the Y.E.S. Tour crew as they bike across the state via live SPOT satellite tracking here:

Update: The YogaSlackers completed the Y.E.S. Tour on July 11, 2009, with more than 1,000 miles put on the roads of Colo. Congrats!

YogaSlackers Bike Tour Photo.jpg

Typical view on the Y.E.S. route

Posted by Paul Romero - 06/19/2009 10:34 AM

These guys are so bad ass. Nice work Jason. Keep killing it. Keep screamin from the rooftops. We need more people like you in the world. PR-SOLE

Posted by Whitney Conner - 06/26/2009 11:43 AM

Well done YogaSlackers, you all are a true inspriation! Thank you! Stop by the Patagonia Footwear booth @ OR if you are in town!
Booth 13043

Posted by YogaSlackers - 06/26/2009 04:41 PM

We will see you there… Thanks for the support.

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