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AddArmor RS7 is the Real-World James Bond Car of Your Dreams

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AddArmor has created a custom Audi RS7 that would fit right into the next James Bond film. Meet the world’s fastest armored car.

This is not your ordinary Audi RS7 (if there is such a thing). First, it has full armor to protect its occupants. It also has a host of countermeasures, like smokescreens.

Oh, it can also go over 200 miles per hour! AddArmor claims this is the fastest armored car in the world.

Below, I’ll break down some of the remarkable capabilities that make this car an ideal choice if your lifestyle requires foiling lots of villains.

More Getaway Speed

Removing yourself from a situation in a hurry is a huge advantage when faced with harm. Trick lightweight armoring and vehicle tuning make this RS7 one quick getaway vehicle.


The APR Stage II tuning system compliments the RS7’s 4.0L twin-turbo engine. This setup is good for 760-horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle can reach 60 miles per hour from a standstill in under 3 seconds. Quick to a sprint, and just plain quick, this armored RS7 can reach 202 on the speedometer!

Mobile Safe Room


AddArmor uses advanced polycarbonate composites and ballistic glass to add a huge amount of protection to vehicle occupants, while still keeping weight low. The B4 level armor package for the RS7 adds less than 200 pounds to the vehicle’s weight.

Special high-tech polycarbonate weaved in the body panels is ten times stronger than ballistic steel, while weighing 60 percent less. Special windows are comprised of a multi-layer mixture of polycarbonate and ballistic glass. The combo provides a transparent layer of armor that can withstand prolonged attacks from bats, cinder blocks and .44 Magnum rounds.

“That small amount of weight allows for exotic sports cars and even electric vehicles to be nicely armored without compromising their performance or range,” AddArmor President Jeff Engen said. The key difference is AddArmor uses a polycarbonate composite instead of heavy steel plating. The weave offers a much stronger, lighter package that simultaneously allows the car to be much faster.”



Now, for the truly cool stuff! Straight out of a James Bond movie, the AddArmor RS7 is equipped with a full host of hidden security countermeasures. The list is long, but let’s go over some of the highlights.

The door handles are electrified — think high-power taser. Pepper spray dispensers are installed on the sides of the car. If those features don’t work to repel your assailant, you can make their ears bleed with a “sonic sound cannon” or blind them with a light system developed for aircraft landing systems.

If you can’t shake them with those measures, it’s time to hit the gas. A 360-degree night vision camera system will help when it’s dark. Hidden behind the front bumper cover is a custom ramming bumper that protects the radiator and allows you to “comfortably drive through most ambush situations.” In order to lose your tail, there is even a custom smokescreen system that you can deploy.

As I said, the list of gadgets on this car is long! It also has hidden biometric gun racks, satellite-activated Global 911 concierge service, an active mine/explosion detection system, gas masks with a fresh air source, run-flat tires, and so much more.

All In


This custom-built, armored, super-fast Audi RS7 will set you back $205,000. That is a lot of coin, but this is a lot of car/safe room/personal security!

AddArmor can implement its armor tech on just about any vehicle at a wide range of prices. Maybe your van down by the river needs some security measures. Do you think they can get me an ejector seat?

With over 9,000 armored vehicles produced and 20 years of experience, AddArmor has put in the legwork to create the world’s fastest mobile safe room. For more information, check them out at AddArmor.com.

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