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Illegal Adventure: Amazing Instagrams Of Urban Explorers

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[leadin]The visual aesthetic of urban exploration is nearly unparalleled. The top urban explorers use Instagram to capture the underrated beauty of skyline vistas, abandoned tunnels, and forgotten factories. Here are some accounts to follow.[/leadin]

urban explorer instagram 2
Photo by @heavy_minds

@heavy_mindsA master of the dangling-feet shot, @heavy_minds gives the viewer a first-person POV at the edges of countless rooftops. Definitely follow @heavy_minds if you aspire to live vicariously through an urban explorer.


@urbexpeopleAn account that curates the best photos from the hashtag #urbexpeople. Since it’s the best of the best, it’s a great source for finding more urban explorer Instagramers to follow.

@13thwitness – Skyline views like this one are the norm for @13thwitness, whose photography involves finding access to stomach-dropping spots.

@night.shift – Eerie photography and insane stunts such as the one below epitomize @night.shift. He’ll keep you on the edge of your seat or, as in this case, on the edge of a beam hundreds of feet in the air.


@trashhand – Though not all of @trashhand’s images are of the city, tunnel shots like this one are commonplace. A knack for finding creative angles in rarely traveled locations characterizes @trashhand’s style.

@mattdoscher – @mattdoscher, a world traveler and prime-time photographer, makes a living off scenic vistas and vibrant color.


@novess – Capitalizing on the elements of mother nature sets 16-year old @novess apart from the rest. Rain, fog, smoke, beams of sun are the main characters of each image, with city elements forming the backdrop.


@bulesays – Though @bulesays isn’t a full-fledge urban explorer, his Instagram is wildly impressive. Masked men, skateboarders, and abandoned places are frequently showcased.


@jamiebettsphoto – Part of urban exploration involves entering some pretty freaky places, like abandoned infirmaries and cathedrals. Thankfully, @jamiebettsphoto captures the scenes inside such places so that we can watch from a distance.

@alexpenfornis – Architectural wonders and human expression shine through European urban explorer @alexpenfornis’s work.

@bigmanjapan – Looking for more of an ‘abandoned’ vibe? @bigmanjapan thrives on finding forgotten places and freezing them in time.


@notorious_yip – Nothing is unclimbable for @notorious_yip. Most of his shots are high up, on the edge, and just plain stunning.

@humzadeas – The healthy balance of nature and urban photography makes it hard to stop scrolling through @humzadeas’s posts. A quick glance and you’ll be yearning to get out and see the world.


@jamesslanning – This daredevil pushes the limits of urban exploration. You’ll find @jamesslanning atop a crane one night and sliding down a roof another night.

@lastsuspect – An emphasis on very sharp, hyper-focused imagery leads to many stunning posts by @lastsuspect, a NYC native.


@roof_topper – Another fearless roof-bagger, @roof_topper shoots primarily from up high. His signature horse mask, worn in his profile picture, also occasionally makes an appearance.

@hollowdusk – Minneapolis based urban explorer, @hollowdusk, shoots almost entirely in black and white. The results are impressive and the lack of color evokes imagination.

@socalitybarbie – Though not technically an urban explorer, @socalitybarbie does seem to be a world traveler with a knack for finding nice scenery… and millions of followers.



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