Give'r Mittens
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Give’r Launches Mittens Straight Out of Jackson Hole

The cottage brand Give’r blew up Kickstarter with its gloves in 2016. Now, it’s expanding a burly handwarming line to include insulated leather mittens.

A lot of skiers love heavy leather gloves for durability and warmth. Budget brands like Kinco are still popular among hardcore skiers and resort employees for their longevity and price.

The Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based brand Give’r launched on the premise of improving this ever-popular style of gloves. It added a waterproof membrane and good insulation to the tough cowhide exterior. And the crowd loved it, funding its initial run at $224,000 in 2016.

Give'r Mittens

I’ve personally been using a pair of Give’rs since then, and they’re great gloves. They really excel in the durability category thanks to super-heavy leather. They keep hands warm well down into the teens (at least).

The only negative I’ve noted so far is they take quite a long time to dry out. Make sure to hang them somewhere warm at night, or you’ll have cold hands the next day.

Give’r Frontier Mittens

New for 2019, Give’r launches the Frontier Mitten on October 8 and aims to deliver them before the holidays. They will retail for $118, but the brand will offer significant discounts during the Kickstarter campaign.

The mittens follow the formula of the gloves, with four-layer construction of insulation, heatshield backing, waterproof membrane, and cowhide. And for an extra $10, Give’r will hand-finish each pair with beeswax to help water bead off.

Give'r Mittens

The brand tests the mittens to withstand “moving a burning log, holding dry ice, and dipping into boiling water.”

“The mitten prototypes crushed it even on the coldest of Jackson Hole days last winter,” said Give’r founder and President Bubba Albrecht.

“While ice fishing, I stuck my mittened hands into the 32.1-degree water and let them chill. The mittens 110 percent Gave’r — keeping my digits toasty. The juice was worth the squeeze over the last 2 years as we worked with and listened to our ‘mitten faithful’ community.”

If you’re looking for some burly mittens that can take a beating, hop over to Give’r and reserve yourself a pair for the launch on October 8.

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