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Shorts Made For Winter? Startup Brand Sees A Market

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[leadin]You know that guy who eschews pants and wears shorts no matter the temp outdoors? Now there is a product built for him. Meet the made-for-cold Polar Shorts.[/leadin]

winter shorts

Made of “super-thick” fleece, these winter shorts were created by a small company based in Christiansburg, Va., that believes “it’s never too cold for shorts.”

Indeed, that is a company tag line, and with its 100% polyester short-pants — with a fleecy fabric that’s up to 9mm thick — we’re close to believing the claim.

Shorts Made For Winter

Notes the company, “On days you don’t know whether to wear long pants or shorts, Polar Shorts provide a third option.”


The creator, Dan Steinberg, is an inventor from Virginia who said motivation for the brand came from his preference to wear shorts when it’s cool outside. “I sometimes don’t like to choose between pants and summer shorts, and I wanted something in-between,” he said.

Steinberg said his products are the first shorts designed “specifically for warmth.” He continued, “Some people have trouble with the concept, but for these people I explain that it’s the same concept behind a vest — why would someone wear a jacket without sleeves, right? Well, people like to wear polar shorts for the same reason.”

First Cold-Weather Shorts

Made in the USA, and selling for $75, the Polar Shorts are a niche offering with wind-blocking fabrics in front for the coldest days.

Moderate day in Polar Shorts (though they can be worn in freezing temps and snow)

However, the company designed an air-permeable fleece zone in the crotch area that “gets a slight breeze.”

This creates a product that is touted to provide “perfect comfort and warmth over a wide temperature range” where you don’t have to worry about “overheating the crotch.”

Fleece Breathability Touted Feature

Right. So, we weren’t aware this was a major issue until now. But we trust the polar shorts experts, they of impervious bare legs.


Further trust in the brand is required to accept the leopard-pattern print. These shorts come in khaki and the “cat” color if you’re feeling wild out there.

A removable belt, a YKK nylon coil zipper, and large front pockets complete the look.

Polar Shorts are made for temps of 40 degrees and above, though the company notes some people wear them well below the recommended range.


The construction includes no cotton, just synthetic poly over your upper legs and behind, keeping you warm out there on the hiking trail, city street, or anywhere else where your legs need to breathe and you don’t care how weird you might look.

–See the full line of Polar Shorts.

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