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Smartwool Athletes Bring Artistic Flair to Their Favorite Ski and Snowboard Socks

(Photo/Jasper Gibson, Smartwool)
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Smartwool’s winter socks showcase the attention to detail and artistic flair from its team of skiers and snowboarders.

Smartwool has long used its athletes for feedback to inform the shape and structure of its socks. And now, it’s letting the athletes develop their own patterns and designs, making use of the brand’s 360° Print Technology. The results are far beyond traditional weave patterns.

All the socks in the athlete collab line are Smartwool’s PhD socks. The socks all have the brand’s X-patterned 4-Degree system to fit closer to the foot and prevent bunching or blisters. The PhD socks incorporate nylon into the wool for more durability and wicking. And, of course, they all feature the brand’s virtually seamless toes too.

Check out some of the highlights and updates from Smartwool’s new Athlete Collaboration Collection.

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Women’s PhD Pro Freeski Socks


Smartwool womens PhD Pro Freeski

Freeskier Angel Collinson’s signature sock is about all-day comfort in ski boots. The base sock is sized with women in mind. It’s also cushioned underfoot and behind the ankle to soften boot bang, and the contoured shin should create a closer feel of the boots. A wider welt (you may call it a cuff) helps keep the sock up and disperses the pressure against the skin.

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PhD Ski Light Elite Benchetler Print Socks


Smartwool mens PhD Light Elite Benchetler

Designed by Chris Benchetler, a snowboarder-turned-skier (and offseason surfer), these socks reflect his personal take on how socks should feel in ski boots and show off his unique style of art. Like the Pro Freeski, these 14-inch socks have slight cushioning under the heel and ball of the foot and a wider welt. These socks have been selling like hotcakes.

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Women’s PhD Ski Light Elite Pattern Socks

Smartwool womens PhD Ski Light Elite

With a more traditional pattern, consider these a base model of this style. However, it still has the dialed, women’s-specific fit with a narrower heel and slimmer volume. For your extreme skiing that requires targeted cushion on the shin and ball and heel for protection without bulk in tight-fitting boots, Smartwool says its women’s PhD Ski Light Elite Pattern socks are here to help get the job done.

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Women’s PhD Snow Medium Traced Dahlia Pattern Socks


Smartwool womens PhD SnowMedium Traced Dahlia

The Traced Dahlia Pattern socks feature Mary Rand-inspired artwork. These are heavy-duty snowboard socks for lots of cushion and warmth.

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PhD Snow Light Elite Pattern Socks

Smartwool PhD Snow Light Elite

Snow boots should fit close to the foot, though there’s room for a little cushion on the pressure points under the heel and ball of your foot.  These 14-inch patterned socks put cushioning where it’s needed most and are shaped thinner where it’s not.

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PhD Snow Vans x Bryan Iguchi Medium Socks


Smartwool PhD Snow Vans Bryan Iguchi

Last but not least are these Vans collab snowboard socks with a design by athlete Bryan Iguchi. He’s big on black and mountain contours, a theme in some of his other apparel designs. The full-volume socks will absorb some bangs and still include some zones that are thinner with more wicking materials for breathability.

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We know Smartwool makes a lot of socks, so be sure to explore more of its artist series designs and find a winter sock that’s right for you. And while you’re there, check out some of the new designs showing up in base layers this year.

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Photo credit: Jasper Gibson/Smartwool

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