The North Face Black Series

Wrap Yourself in ‘Aluminum’ Tyvek From The North Face

The North Face just released a fully functional cape and respirator mask. For real.

The North Face Black Series

Are you wearing a tinfoil cap right now? Then listen up! The North Face might have a new jacket for you.

OK, just kidding. But this far-out collection is no joke. Peek inside The North Face’s fashion line and prepare for some head-turning designs.

The Black Series Aluminum Collection launches at select stores in Berlin and London on March 8. The unique – ah-hem – fashion pieces represent part of TNF’s Urban Exploration collection, not intended for high mountains or rainy forests.

But jacket wearers may need the shiny aluminum-like repellency to deflect the haters!

The brand used Tyvek (which doesn’t actually contain metal) to make the jackets, the same material builders wrap homes in during construction. It’s weather and contaminant resistant, meaning you’re protected against asbestos, lead, and mold. As for radiation: Any volunteers to test these against nuclear fallout?

The North Face Black Series

The North Face Urban Exploration

The collection has four outerwear pieces and a t-shirt. TNF makes this line to wear during urban pursuits, but there’s still some tech to protect against the elements. Waterproof DryVent on a few of the garments keeps wearers dry during rainy days in the city.

The North Face Black Series

The Coach Windwall Jacket has an “emergency waterproof cape” stored in the back of the coat. And that’s not the weirdest feature.

No, that honor goes to the respirator mask. We suppose this protects against smog or disease, but it’s pretty far outside the box. Find the mask connected to the collar of the Mountain Raincoat.

It looks more like a statement-maker as opposed to a highly functional respirator, but it will probably keep your face warm in a cold wind.

Other items in the line aren’t as puzzling and maintain the shiny theme. Look out for the Black Series later this week. Our guess is it will be hard to miss.

The North Face Black Series

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