‘Gel-Filled’ iPhone case

Is your iPhone in need of some protection for the outdoors? Ballistic has built a case for the iPhone 4 it touts as “drop-proof.” Indeed, Ballistic — a company whose very name can be defined as “the science or art of designing and accelerating projectiles so as to achieve a desired performance” — cites the Ballistic SG case as a product for users who desire a slimmer form factor but also need the “utmost” durability.

Ballistic SG case, side and front views

The secret sauce? It has a soft silicone middle layer to protect the phone and absorb impact in a fall. (The “SG” in its name stands for “Shell Gel.”) Beyond the silicone, the case is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. The iPhone 4 Ballistic SG Series Case is available in black/black or red/black for $29.95.

—T.C. Worley

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