The Best Silicone Rings

Silicone Rings: The Best of 2020

Silicone rings keep fingers safe while climbing, working with machinery, or hitting up the gym. Here’s our guide to the best silicone rings to suit every style and budget.

Why silicone rings, you ask? Well, they’re durable, affordable, easy to clean, non-conductive, and comfortable. They’re a great option for the gym when you don’t want to beat up your regular wedding ring, a necessity when working with heavy machinery, and a great option for climbing, traveling, and daily life.

If you’ve ever cringed listening to someone talk about ring avulsion — when a ring catches on something and does serious damage to one’s finger — you can imagine the importance of a silicone ring. And from the variety of colors and styles available, it’s clear they’re also growing in popularity.

We tested rings for more than a year while lifting weights at the gym, climbing, swimming, paddling, cooking, woodworking, and living daily life. Here are the best silicone rings for every budget and style.

The Best Silicone Rings of 2020

Best Overall: QALO ($12-40)

QALO Silicone Ring

QALO wins top awards for durability and versatility. We’ve worn our QALO rings through all manner of outdoor activity and haven’t had any issues with stretching or breaking. And we like that there’s a huge selection of color options and styles available.

Our female tester found some of the unisex designs to be a bit too thick and uncomfortable. But the new Metallic Strat line is comfortably thin (while still being plenty durable) and offers a more natural look.

If you like colors and patterns, QALO has a lot to choose from. From etched designs to tie-dye patterns and reversible rings, there’s something for everyone. And you can even customize certain rings with personalized engraved text.

QALO also offers up a “One Time, anytime, for any reason warranty on every ring.”

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Runner-Up Best Overall: Groove Life ($30-35)

Groove LIfe Silicone Wedding Rings

Looking for a ring with an eye-catching pattern? Then you need to check out Groove Life. From cactus blooms to a variety of Mossy Oak and Kryptek camo designs, there’s a lot to choose from. The brand’s copper ring is fairly realistic, though it doesn’t mimic natural metals as well as Enso does (see below).

Comfort-wise, we’ve been very impressed with Groove rings. The inside has an etched groove design meant to increase airflow and let moisture out. And while we can’t claim that it works better than other rings, we will say these are some of the most comfortable we’ve worn.

And best of all, they have a lifetime warranty. As its website states, “No matter what happens we will cover your Groove product with our NO BS Warranty! If your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, stuck in nuclear waste, eaten by a fish, or even LOST we will replace it.”

One tester saw some wear and tear (literally) after years of wearing his. And the brand was prompt to respond and honor its impressive warranty.

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Best Budget Ring: ROQ ($9-12)

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring

ROQ offers up an unbeatable bargain, paired with impressive durability. We’ve worn a single ROQ ring for 6 months straight. This includes plenty of time spent splitting firewood and lifting weights, in addition to daily activities like showering, cooking, and washing hands frequently. And the ROQ ring fits just as well as it did on Day One.

They have a variety of colors and styles, including a few with a shimmery finish and several stackable options. And considering you can get a four-pack for $13, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a backup if you accidentally lose one.

ROQ also has a lifetime guarantee and a “no questions asked return/exchange policy.”

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Best of the Rest

Enso Rings ($12-40)

Enso Elements Collection

Enso wins for design and realistic precious metal options. But long-term durability concerns keep it from being our overall favorite silicone ring.

First, the good: These rings actually look like real metal rings. People are always shocked to find out it’s made of silicone. The shape mimics a traditional ring, and the metallic finish is the most realistic (especially the copper). It also breathes well and is exceedingly comfortable.

Unfortunately, we’ve had issues with stretching. After a few months of daily use, it stretches out and no longer fits. Several have been lost while swimming due to a stretched fit. And some male testers with larger hands faced issues with the ring tearing.

Enso does offer a lifetime warranty. It states that its warranty “covers rips, breaks, tears, and discoloration. Your first warranty is completely on us. Each additional replacement will just have a fee for shipping and handling.”

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SafeRingz ($25)

SafeRingz Silicone Wedding Ring

SafeRingz are made in the USA and come in three widths: a 3mm “Stackable,” 6mm “Original,” and 9mm “Titan.” There are 11 colors available, all with a slight shimmer to mimic a traditional metal ring. There’s also an option for custom engraving, so you can make it unique with your initials or an homage to your favorite mountain or sports team.

All in all, we found SafeRingz comfortable and long-lasting, but they didn’t stand up in any one category. They don’t offer up the extreme durability and versatility as our top pick, nor are they the best budget option. And the metallic options aren’t as realistic as others.

It’s also worth noting that “YESJ”  is inscribed on the inside of each SafeRingz. As its website explains, it is “a representation of our team saying “YES Jesus.”

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Have a favorite silicone ring we missed? Let us know in the comments for future updates to this article. 

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