Bike Basket Totes Groceries, Gear

If you use a bike to get around you need something to carry your stuff, sort of like the trunk of your car.

Backpacks are fine but can stick to your back in summer or make you groan under a load. Panniers are a great option if you already have a rack on your bike.

Sherpani Veloce bike basket

This summer, I configured an old-school option: A bike basket. The Sherpani Veloce attaches to handlebars with Velcro straps and also easily comes off to double as a purse. The company includes a shoulder strap.

It is sturdy and is lined with water-resistant material. So far, I have ridden to the climbing gym with my daughter (carrying harness and shoes) as well as commuted for a night out in town.

For grocery store trips the basket’s 25-pound weight limit is nice — I can load it up with purchased items. However, you can’t carry too much — the basket measures 9in x 12in x 9in, or about the size of a small grocery bag.

A drawstring closure (with an open/shut “collar”) keeps things inside the bag while riding. It’s made of a recycled nylon fabric.

Sherpani basket off the bike

I like the Sherpani Veloce as an alternative to a backpack. It’s easy to throw items in, and the basket does not interfere with my ride.

The company sells the basket for $49.95. Get one if you’re looking for an easy and stylish way to transport gear, groceries or other goods while on the go.

—Verónica Jaralambides is an Ambassador in the PedalMN ‘Bike Mom’ project. Read more about Jaralambides at her profile article here.

Verónica Jaralambides with her daughter, ready to ride