8 Ultimate 'Bike Mom' Rigs

GearJunkie partnered this month with PedalMN to promote biking and encourage more moms and women to ride. During the process we discovered one mom, Emily Finch, who at one time hauled seven — 7!— children at once on a modified rig. (See our full article on Finch here.)

We loved Finch’s story and her unique bike setup, and we decided to dig and see what other moms were riding. Here are eight “bike mom” rigs we can’t help but feature. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Madi Carlson + kids Brandt and Rijder. Bike: Surly Big Dummy
Madi and her kids have been using their Big Dummy for more than two years. The kids love riding in the Yepp Maxi seat or while holding onto handlebars in back. Madi likes that she can carry two kids plus their bikes by putting the front wheel in the bag on each side and dragging the bikes out the back. She can even fit an extra third kid in between her two when necessary. Madi writes the blog Family Ride.

Dena Driscoll + kids Milo and Juniper. Bike: Urban Arrow
A modern take on a bakfiets bike, the Urban Arrow has an aluminum frame to save weight. This model is assisted with a 250-watt motor. Dena loves the Urban Arrow for everyday transportation. Her daughter has ridden in the box, in various configurations, since she was five weeks old. Her son says he prefers it over any other mode of transportation. Dena writes the blog BikeMamadelphia.

Michelle Corbett + kids Brigid and Fiona. Bike: Xtracycle Edgerunner
Michelle’s 2012 Edgerunner was purchased at Splendid Cycles in Portland, Ore. Her kids love riding on the long tail with the Hooptie, and Michelle appreciates the BionX electric-assist motor for their 18-mile roundtrip to pick up Brigid from school. To keep the sun off the girls, Michelle invented a rear sunshade that she’s coined The SkyCover. She’s currently searching for a manufacturing partner.

All the DIY shade solutions she found involved unfamiliar hardware or power tools. She got the idea from the twist-and-fold, pop-up tents her girls like to play with. Her shade uses hooks and loops to attach to the Hooptie rack, and it folds for easy storage on the bike. Currently, a rain cover from a tandem stroller keeps the girls warm and dry in inclement weather. 

Eunice Martel + kids Nae-J and JahJ. Bike: Devinci London touring bike with Xtracycle FreeRadical
Eunice has been biking with her kids since April 2013. She started with quick rides to the nearest playground and hasn’t looked back. They have biked everyday since April 1, 2014, and they hope to continue to do so for another joyful six months and beyond!. Eunice writes the blog Growing Up Bike.

Elle Steele + kids Theo and Lennon. Bike: Yuba Mundo
Elle and her 2 boys are very at home on their Yuba Mundo cargo bike since it’s the main way they get around (they don’t own a car). The boys started out riding in bike trailers when they were six-months old. Now the boys are 3 and 5-years-old and ride in a Yepp Mini with a windshield and a Yuba Peanut Shell. Elle also used Kelty Sunshades to create the weather protectors. Elle writes the blog Tiny Helmets Big Bikes.

Dana DeMaster + her two kids. Bike: Babboe City Bakfiets Bike
Dana rides around the city with her two kids in a dutch-style Bakfiets bike. Her kids enjoy riding up front on the bike, but the oldest, who is 5-years, will soon outgrow it. Dana is keeping her eyes out for their next bike option.

Natasha D’Schommer-Grant + her daughter. Bike: Tern Cargo Joe + Xtracycle
Natasha loves biking with her daughter on their Tern Xtracycle bike. The duo rides to school, around town on errands, and to the park and lakes after dinner. In addition to her daughter, Natasha uses the bike to haul heavy camera bags and groceries.

Heather Moore-Farley + her three kids. Bike: Madsen Cargo
Heather and her family have been car-free for two years. They bought their Madsen bike last year and had it outfitted with a BionX e-assist motor system. Now, she loves biking up all the hills in her home town of Oakland, Calif.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is assistant editor.

Amy Oberbroeckling

Amy Oberbroeckling, an Iowa native, joined GearJunkie out of college and brought a passion for endurance sports as well as a flawless record in arm wrestling matches against famous rock climbers. Find her biking, trail running, cross-country skiing, camping, or tipping back a cold IPA.