The Other Side of Revelstoke: Boulders, Berms, and Bikes

Revelstoke, British Columbia, may be known for its skiing, but it’s also home to a plethora of bike trails.

The next time you plan a trip, add Revelstoke to your list. In episode 2 of the Freehub Magazine short film series “Next Exit,” we get an insider’s look at the ski-bum-turned-bike-centric town and its surrounding trails.

Don’t get us wrong, the skiing there is still great, but the terrain in the film — not to mention the growing mountain bike community— makes us want to visit in the summer months too.

And there’s no shortage of trails. There’s singletrack, high-elevation hike-to-bike trails, machine-built berms, and more.

Riders in the film include Casey Brown (one of the fastest downhill bikers in the world) and Revelstoke local Stu Dixon. Trails featured in the film include the Mt. Cartier Summit Trail, The Rooster, and more.

“Next Exit” is a series that explores trails and communities across North America. Visit Freehub’s main page to watch more episodes. “Next Exit: Revelstoke, BC” was filmed by Chris Grundberg in 2016.

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