Speaker fits in Bike water bottle cage (lets you pump tunes to world)

Ride your bike, let the music flow free… If you are the type who brings music everywhere — or just want to trick out your ride with some audio stylings — a new speaker designed by Scosche was made for you.

The boomBOTTLE, available starting today, is a mobile speaker that fits into a water bottle cage. Simply connect your Bluetooth streaming device (like a phone), slip the speaker into your bottle cage, and let the good tunes roll.

We haven’t tested it yet. But here are a few facts in case you’re into rolling and sharing your taste in music with the world.

> The boomBOTTLE is made with a non-slip TPU exterior, and the company claims it is durable enough to withstand drops or vibration from rough riding

> The speaker is “weatherproof,” meaning rain and puddles shouldn’t be a problem (just don’t take it swimming)

> Dual 44mm drivers and a subwoofer provide “360 degree sound” thanks to an omnidirectional diffuser, the brand cites

> Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charged by micro USB for up to 10 hours of playback)

The boomBOTTLE form follows function.

With a wireless range of 33 feet, the boomBOTTLE can be set up at home or an office, too. It retails for $149.99 here, and the company says it will be available in big-box retailers soon.

Final comment: Riders, please choose your music wisely. We’ll all be listening out there.

—Sean McCoy

Good idea or bad? Share your music with the world

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