‘Cliff Warning’: Watch This Gnarly First-Person Shredding in British Columbia

‘What’s really got me on my toes is that the plan for today is to end the ride on a notoriously wild trail.’

The Loam Ranger keeps it rudimentary in “Cliffs, Gnar, and Six Stitches.” A lot of times, that’s all a homegrown video about shredding highly intimidating trails has to be. But he also rides some insane trails that let the beauty of Penticton shine.

The first-person footage is raw, the dialogue is straightforward, and danger is present. There are “cliff” warning signs everywhere, and it’s been raining and snowing all morning. (Is six stitches the name of a trail or something that happens? Honestly, at first take, both are plausible.)

Buckle up.

Runtime: 12 minutes

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