Vintage Prison Clothes Now Sold As ‘Bike Jacket’

SZ-55 Selvage Prison Denim Jacket

It’s official: the hipster aesthetic has peaked.

The denim SZ-55 Selvage Prison Denim Jacket (repurposed) by Makers & Riders was made in 1955 for prisoners. For real.

And now you can have one, too, for $98.

Imagine, a denim jacket so cool it was made before denim jackets were cool.

Jokes aside, the jacket is made of quality Selvage Denim, which the company calls the most durable and expensive denim in the world.

“Prisoners wore these as their everyday uniform,” states Makers & Riders. “We were able to purchase a small amount of the authentic garments in L.A.”

Apparently they had it wired way back in ’55, with a “modern fit” and an interior pocket designed for cigarette packages that nicely fits a mobile device. Is there room in that pocket for mustache wax?

“When you purchase this jacket you are getting a piece of global history, highest quality denim, and one of the best fitting jackets ever made,” claims the company.

The Instagram-able irony is palpable. Sadly, I kind of love it. The only thing missing in this “piece of global history” is the smell of stale cigarettes and prison yard despair – both of which happen to be ‘in’ this season.

Initially, I thought I might have been in store for a prisoner get-up á la Minneapolis bike legend Gene Oberpiller’s race day kit of choice:

Gene Oberpiller of One on One Bicycle Studio

As it turns out, the Makers & Riders jacket looks damn sharp considering it was made for prisoners during the Eisenhower era.

At $98, it’s relatively cheap in the über-expensive clothing line, and I have no doubt it’s tough considering its original purpose.

There’s just something off-putting about laying down a hundred bucks to look like a bike commuting inmate from the 50’s. Or is there? My inner genteel hipster is starting to think it might be a good idea. Somebody pass me an

Patrick Murphy

Patrick is a writer based in Boston with a penchant for life on two wheels and sleeping outside.