Watch: MTB Champ Flashes Every Trail in Bentonville in a Single Day

Payson McElveen is the first rider to complete all the trails in the ‘mountain bike capital of the world’ in 24 hours.

Any “first-ever” record will pique interest. But this one will be worth your time — not just because it’s cool, but because you can actually win some sweet gear!

This week, Payson McElveen, a two-time XC marathon MTB national champion, released the full documentary of his self-assigned challenge to ride all of Bentonville, Arkansas’ trail network within one day.

Spoiler alert: He did it.

And while bagging all 142 miles of undulating hills, crunchy gravel, and feature-built mountain bike trails is impressive, it’s McElveen’s challenge to YOU that should really get you revved up.

At the end of this year, McElveen will select two winners of his Bentonville Trail Challenge to receive a massive prize package from his sponsors — Osprey, Hammerhead, Smith, Orange Seal, and GU. And winners will receive vouchers for dining out and touring Bentonville.

The challenge? Ride all the trails yourself — in however much time you need. Join the “Bentonville Trail Challenge” Strava Club to prove your progress, and document your efforts on Instagram with the hashtag #BentonvilleTrailChallenge.

Don’t get cocky, though — it’s no cakewalk. As MTB hall-of-famer Nat Ross points out, “It’s a massive network of trails — it’s a labyrinth. So, you put together a maze and the story you’re going to tell doing that … it’s a mad adventure.”

Watch McElveen’s feat to stir up a little motivation.

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