Fat Bikers: ‘All Bodies on Bikes’ Pushes for a Welcoming Cycling Community

‘All Bodies on Bikes’ focuses on inclusivity and creating a more welcoming cycling community.

“All Bodies on Bikes” follows cyclists Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky on a 2-day, 65-mile bike ride along Oregon’s Coast Range. The pair, who both identify as “fat,” bonded over their love of bicycle adventures and their shared desire to build a more welcoming world of cycling.

And while it’s largely a focus on the joys of biking, “All Bodies on Bikes” doesn’t shy away from the heavy conversations: society’s perceptions of weight and beauty, eating disorders, and what it’s like to grow up overweight.

“People associate negative feelings with the word ‘fat,’” Kornhauser said. “But really, ‘fat’ is just a descriptor of our bodies. So I try [to] take the word back and what it means about my body — leave those negative associations behind.”

Kailey Kornhauser posing next to her bike in Oregon, urban background
Kailey Kornhauser

“Shimano believes this is an important story about the joy of riding bikes and making sure everyone has the chance to share in that joy,” wrote the brand.

The short film is 13 minutes long.

“All Bodies on Bikes,” produced by Shimano, was filmed in summer 2020 following COVID-19 safety precautions.

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