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Voyage of the Pangaea!

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This week, on a seafaring route from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to sail with explorer Mike Horn and his crew. Our trajectory, from Pier 40 in San Fran’s Embarcadero district, under the Golden Gate bridge in typical deep fog, and then south forever along the misty California coast, took just a little over two days. We saw dolphins, sea birds, and once what I think was an orca (do they come this far south?), but not much else. It was a calm, Zen cruise for the most part, which contrasted starkly with the stories and jaw-dropping tales Mike Horn told during our voyage about his life exploring and living in the wild.

Mike Horn on the bow of his Pangaea sailboat; file photo

Horn captained the Pangaea, an amazing craft that was launched two years ago to be the base for its eponymous Pangaea Expedition, a four-year, continent-hopping journey for Horn and a couple hundred young adults who’re chosen to come along and live, learn and explore.

Crew on Pangaea moving main sail

More to come soon on the sailing experience as well as the Pangaea Expedition as a whole. For now, here are a few pictures from the trip. —Stephen Regenold

Sail up!

Leaving San Francisco

Golden Gate bridge

Pangaea in full sail; file photo

Mike Horn at the wheel

Jacek, a two-year veteran of the Pangaea crew

Gear Junkie editor Stephen Regenold aboard the Pangaea

Boat-side friend

Mike Horn at the wheel

We could hear the dolphins breathe as they surfaced, tracking along with the boat seemingly for fun

In case of “man overboard”. . .

Funky photography reflected in the wheel

Wenger Mike Horn Ranger knife aboard Mike Horn’s own ship. . . “We use it every day of an expedition,” Horn said.

The galley

Media room in the Pangaea

Onboard navigation screen

SPOT Satellite Connect check-in (via an Apple iPhone!) while at sea

Marina Del Ray, Calif., our final destination for the trip

For more on Mike Horn’s Pangaea Expedition, go to: www.mikehorn.com/en/pangaea.

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