Witness Gulf of Alaska Whitewater in Boat-Camp-Surf ‘Flowstate’ Episode

Remember last month when NRS launched the second season of its FLOWSTATE series? Check out the latest episodes here.

Flowstate is one of NRS’ hallmark whitewater video series, which follows whitewater kayaker Brendan Wells on a host of water-based adventures.

In this third episode, Wells joins a Coast Guard captain friend for a multisport adventure aboard a 26-foot ocean boat. The location? Prince William Sound. And don’t worry, they don’t stay on the boat for long — there’s plenty of kayaks, SUPs, and fishing rods to go around.

“On shore, the paddlers keep their eyes out for Alaskan whitewater — that steep, low-volume mank the region is known for,” teased NRS in the film description.

Boat-in camping? Check. Tidal rapids? Check. Adventure? Definitely.

Missed the drop? Watch episode 2 and episode 1

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