Brand Profile: Croakies Turns 40

Croakies. The brand name is synonymous for “sunglasses retainer” much like the word Kleenex means tissue. The simple product that keeps glasses from falling in the water is still the mainstay of a brand thriving in mountain and beach towns for 40 years.

Losing sunglasses sucks. So for those who live and work outdoors, a way to keep glasses handy and attached to the body is requisite. But it didn’t exist until the 1970s (check the Fast Facts for a cool back-story).

Today, Croakies (and competing glasses retainers) are common. But the brand is more than quirky colored neoprene straps. Acquired by Hilco Vision in January, it also makes belts, dog collars, guitar straps, and more.

Fast Facts:

Founded In:



Jackson, Wyoming and Bozeman, Montana.

Fun Fact:

Croakies was invented by ski patroller Robbie Fuller. In 1977, Fuller figured out how to make an eyewear retainer using an “old wetsuit, some sharp scissors, and good old American ingenuity.” Based on the design of a Chinese finger trap, the product was effective and popular.


The brand makes “premium retention products for life’s everyday adventures.”

Buying Tip:

Eyewear retainers fit the temple size of various sunglasses. Size your retainer to your sunglasses. They are not one size fits all.

Best Selling Products

Croakies and Croakies XL ($8)

The product that launched the brand is still it’s best seller. Croakies and Croakies XL (a larger size) are neoprene eyewear retainers. The brand still makes them after 40 years.

Arc System ($13)

Made in the USA, these coated stainless steel retainers use an interchangeable attachment to be used with various-sized eyewear.

Brand Spanking New

ARC Endless Wireless Compatible ($17)

For those who’ve upgraded to high-end, wireless earbuds, these retainers keep them handy. They’ll also help you keep track of those pricy sound systems.

Kryptek Belts ($30)

Croakies recently launched a line of belts with popular camo patters from the company Kryptek. Available in several styles, the belts are made with water bottles recycled into polyester webbing.

40th Anniversary Collection


Enjoy a blast from the past. The 40th Anniversary Collection has three throwback designs from old-school models. Up your 80s style and keep those sunglasses secure.