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In The Spotlight: Vollebak Brand Profile

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Eighteen months ago, Vollebak began using a unique blend of science and technology to make radical new sportwear. After a surprise product demonstration on The Tonight Show, the outdoors world took notice of the brand’s unorthodox, outside-the-box designs.



Pants stained with fake blood, a hoodie that’s guaranteed to survive on Mars, and base layers “designed to increase your life expectancy.” Vollebak creates gear that performs in ways most companies don’t even consider.

Adventure racers, ultra runners, and twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball launched Vollebak in 2015 to create “the toughest,” “the most visible,” and frankly, the most unusual gear and apparel on the planet. Its testers comprise a team of athletes adventurers, and scientists who between them have rowed solo across the Pacific and Atlantic, run across entire continents, surfed 100-foot waves, climbed and base-jumped the Eiger’s North Face, ski traversed Greenland, and traveled the Yukon on foot.


Founded In:



London, England


“We make the future of adventure gear.”

Buying Tip:

If you have any questions about anything we make, you can email founders Nick and Steve directly at founders@vollebak.com. They’re the designers and lab rats for all the brand’s clothes, and personally test everything until they’ve destroyed it (or themselves) in the process.

Fun Fact:

Twin brothers and adventure athletes Nick and Steve Tidball came up with the idea for the brand during a 130-kilometer ultramarathon across the Namib desert. Sleep deprived, dehydrated, and hallucinating, it seemed like the perfect time to come up with something totally new.


[superhead]Best-Selling Products[/superhead]

Condition Black Tops And Jackets ($110-$970)


The Condition Black range contains some of Vollebak’s most hardcore and technologically advanced gear. It uses the same ceramic nanotechnology found in supercar brakes.

The brand rates the line as the toughest T-shirt, base layer, and mid-layer on Earth. They are highly abrasion resistant thanks to ceramic nanoparticles embedded in the fabric. But each layer is also soft, lightweight and stretchy.

100-Year Hoodie ($295)


Vollebak claims the “insanely hardcore hoodie” looks and feels exactly like any other hoodie in your wardrobe. However, it will last your entire lifetime. The secret sauce is 100-percent Kevlar, milled in the U.S. The brand claims it feels as soft and breathable as a cotton sweater but guarantees it will survive on the poles of Mars.

Blackout Hoodie ($285)


Originally shown by Jon Glaser during his visit on The Tonight Show, the Blackout “Relaxation” Hoodie is designed to calm nerves, increase focus, and “psyche out the competition.” Zipping up the full-face mask is like hanging up a Do Not Disturb sign. Plus, the hoodie comes with its own downloadable soundtrack that slows down heart rate, breathing, and brain waves.

[splash-headline]Brand Spanking New[/splash-headline]

Nano Meter 555 Midlayer ($195)


Vollebak will add new pieces to its Nano Meter range, which it designs for high visibility in any light condition on Earth. The Nano Meter 555 midlayer is available now. It combines the most visible color on the planet for daytime conditions—a hyper-neon green. Plus, it incorporates reflective motion-capture markers for night time visibility.


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