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DIY Teardrop Kit: Build This Camper for Less Than $3,000

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The Sprig is a wooden assemble-at-home pull-behind that weighs a scant 325 lbs. Weekend warriors rejoice, your next project has arrived.

At last count, there were hundreds of teardrop camper makes, manufacturers, and dealers. If you’re shopping for a pull-behind, there are plenty of options.

But all of them will set you back several thousand, or tens of thousands of dollars. And that doesn’t include the cost and hassle of shipping or picking it up. Enter Birch Campers.

The three-year-old teardrop manufacturer out of Philadelphia has its eyes on a new niche: Complete build kits for lightweight teardrops that cost around $2,000.

Birch Sprig DIY Teardrop Kit

Jed McDonald, founder of Birch Campers, launched the Sprig build kit last month. His goal: Make a pull-behind that was “cool-looking, lightweight, and full of features.”

The basic Sprig kit assembles to form a 4’x7′ birch and stainless steel teardrop that weighs about 325 lbs. (800 lbs. including the trailer). According to McDonald, “Whether you’re driving a smart car, motorcycle, or Miata, you can tow this thing.”


McDonald estimates in production his kits will run just north of $2,000. For that, you receive all wood, windows, seals, and hardware.

Through the campaign, backers can buy the 51-piece kit starting at $1,400. And when built, they’ll have sleeping quarters, a roof vent, opening windows, a 3″ foam mattress, a galley hatch, and a 900-lb. gear-storage capacity.

DIYers, you’re going to need a socket set, power drill, and caulk gun. Note, the $1,400 Sprig comes without a utility trailer, weather sealant, and any wood-finishing products you want to customize it, you will have to buy those yourself.


“To set it up, all you need is an afternoon,” McDonald said. “But to finish it, seal it, and customize it, I’m telling folks between 30 and 50 hours.”

Birch’s entry-level kit is different from other build kits in that it has everything minus the trailer necessary. Other kits are sold as uncut hardware, or separate piecemeal packages—walls and doors in one package, windows in another, and galley accessories in yet another.

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Birch Sprig: Customizable Kits

Even though the campaign is only 25 percent funded of its $10,000 goal, McDonald told us he only needed 6-10 backers to start scaling the project.


With $50-$250 add-ons, buyers can upgrade the Sprig to be more livable. Window screens, electrical kits, bicycle/kayak/cargo roof rack, stainless steel sink, two-burner stove, and swing-out grill mounts are some of the options. There’s even an extra-wide upgrade for $500.

With all the bells and whistles, the Sprig kit runs around $3,000 including tools and trailer.

Looking for an affordable camper option that you can customize? Check out the Birch Sprig kit, live on Kickstarter now.

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