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Glamping, Big Willie Style: Stay in the Fresh Prince’s Trailer at This Lavish RV Park

Will Smith RV(Photo/Enes Yilmazer)
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Will Smith’s name may not be the first that comes to mind when you think of glamping. But Anderson Mobile Estates, a prized maker of celebrity RVs, is poised to change that.

7744 Ranch sounds like a suburban enough address, but that’s not quite the case. Located in the once-quaint Austin, Texas, the humble-sounding 7744 Ranch is a new home to some of Hollywood’s showiest retired land yachts.

The company behind the RV resort is Anderson Mobile Estates (AME), a brand that engulfed the custom celebrity motorhome market in the 1990s — and continues to design high-end RVs for the rich and famous. Now, AME is tapping into the tourist industry and repurposing some of its flashier, retired estates as stationary rentals.

As a custom RV designer, AME has catered to Sin City A-listers like Leonardo DiCaprio, J-Lo, Stallone, Mariah Carey, Vin Diesel, and Simon Cowell, to name a few.

The price tags on many of its mega buses graze seven figures, and Will Smith’s $2.5 million “The Heat” RV is the most expensive AME movie trailer of all time. At 1,200 square feet, it’s also one of the biggest motorhomes in the world.

Will Smith's $2.5 million glamping RV 'The Heat'
(Image/Enes Yilmazer, YouTube)

Glamping in Will Smith’s RV

After 20-plus years of service, “The Heat” is now back in AME’s hands and ready to live out its retirement as a 7744 Ranch glamping rental. Here’s the hitch (get it?): One night in this rig costs around $1,200.

Before you clutch your pearls in sticker shock, consider the list of amenities “The Heat” has to offer — or, better yet, take a video tour. This two-story rig, not unlike its polarizing former occupant, absolutely slaps (depending on your POV) — and takes the concept of a rooftop tent to a whole new level.

‘The Heat’ Trailer Amenities

  • 1,200 square feet of interior space
  • Hydraulically activated “pop-up” second level
  • 2 slideouts
  • Second-level cinema
  • Second-level master bedroom
  • 14 TVs (I’m not even sure how that’s physically possible, but sure.)
  • Makeup and wardrobe room
  • Full kitchen
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Living room
  • Separate dining room
  • Doors with automated “Star Wars” sound effects
  • Granite countertops
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Soft leather upholstery
7744 Ranch is a luxury RV resort by Anderson Mobile Estates in Austin, Texas; (image/Enes Yilmazer, YouTube)
7744 Ranch is a luxury RV resort by Anderson Mobile Estates in Austin, Texas; (image/Enes Yilmazer, YouTube)

A Place for RVs in a Changing Climate?

Anyone generally familiar with current trends likely knows that Austin is one of the hottest destinations on the map. Once known as the music capital of the American West, the weirdest little holdout in Texas is now a burgeoning hub of tech, real estate, and celebrity culture.

Gas-guzzling mobile homes — even the overly opulent ones — are decidedly less fashionable. Chalk it up to concerns over climate change and income disparities. Today, the market favors low carbon footprints and less excess for the sake of excess.

Autoevolution.com has even speculated that some celebrities are selling their mobile mansions back in order to avoid public criticism. So AME’s entry into the Austin tourism market through glamping seems like a clever way of leveraging its older luxury trailers to appeal to changing, hipper tastes. It’s sort of reinventing its own wheel.

For booking and current pricing on glamping “Big Willie Style” deep in the heart of Texas, check out the trailer’s Airbnb listing.

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