(Screenshot/Oryx Platform via Vimeo)
(Screenshot/Oryx Platform via Vimeo)

Bunk in Your Trunk: Oryx Launches Jeep Wrangler Sleep System

A fresh startup out of Fort Collins, Colo., just launched something we haven’t seen before: a deployable bunkbed system for certain Jeep Wrangler models.

Are you tired of tucking your bones into the back seat of your Wrangler coupe after a hard day at the crag? Unwilling to hassle with clunky camper conversion kits? But also sick of hoping the Tylenol PM will kick in and you’ll PTFO from total exhaustion before your neck starts doing that thing again?

Be weary no more, my dirtbag fam — the Oryx Platform car sleeping system might have exactly what you need.


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Jeep Wrangler Bunkbed Sleeper System

So, how does it work? The Oryx’s platform is a dual-panel hanging bed kit that fits over the rear cargo area of two-door Wranglers, model years 2007 through 2017. (A larger, four-door version of the platform is in development and currently listed as “in beta testing,” so stay tuned.)

Owing to the two-door Jeep’s relatively small interior space, you’ll have to yank out the back seats before suspending the Oryx system over the rear cargo area. Then, you’ll secure the system to the vehicle’s roll cage with carabiners or tie-downs.

Two panels and corresponding mattresses make up the bulk of the bed, which measures from the dash to the rear window (approximately 70 inches) when fully deployed. An integrated pulley cord acts as the platform’s lifting and lowering mechanism.

The Oryx’s dual-panel deployable platform will provide the driver and passenger with ample room to lay down and sleep or look out at the night sky.

You can use the system with the vehicle’s roof on or off — up to you. With the top on, you can crawl up into bed using the Oryx’s strut-assisted hatch entry located over the driver’s seat. The hatch entry allows you to lift half of the sleeping platform to the side so campers can access the hanging bed.

Here’s the getcha — the hatch, pulley mechanism, and roll-bar rigging equipment don’t come with the “base” Oryx Platform model. To get those features, you’ll need to reach for the “plus” or “premium” designs (more on that below).

Oryx Platform Models & Pricing

As mentioned above, the Oryx offers the flagship sleep system in three models — and the difference between each model is not trivial, so take note:

  • Base model ($650 MSRP)
    • Included: Dual-panel platform
    • Not included: Mattress, pulley system, rigging equipment, sheets
  • Plus model ($1,100 MSRP)
    • Included: Dual-panel platform, pulley system, driver-seat hatch, rigging equipment
    • Not included: Mattress, sheets
  • Premium model ($1,300 MSRP)
    • Included: Dual-panel platform, pulley system, driver-seat hatch, rigging equipment, mattress, sheets

Additional information about the two-door Jeep Wrangler and forthcoming four-door Wrangler Oryx Platform sleep systems is available over at oryx-platform.com.

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