Stanley Even Heat Camp Pro Cook Set

Stanley Launches Cook Set Fit for a Gourmet Kitchen

Stanley’s newest cook kit, the Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set, has the same three-ply stainless steel pots and pans found in kitchens around the world. But these have nesting capability and other features that make them fit for the campsite.

If you’re a camp gourmet, take note. Stanley’s Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set, coming in spring 2020, looks ready to sauté its way right into your heart.

Stanley Even Heat Camp Pro Cook Set

These three-ply stainless steel pots and pans are much like the ones in your kitchen. The heavy design results in even heat without hot spots or scorch marks, so food is cooked thoroughly and cleanup is easy. This is an added bonus when cooking over uneven stoves or on windy days when the heat fluctuates on the bottom of the pan over time.

The whole eight-piece package nests into a single unit. Drop it in the back of your truck or stow it in your teardrop. It’ll save space for lots of other gear compared to non-nesting alternatives. And sure, it’s not the lightest nesting cook set on the market, but even hardened backpackers car camp once in a while.

The set includes a cutting board, two stainless steel pots, a frying pan, two silicone trivet/pot holders, a spatula, and a serving spoon. The kit is not cheap, at $140 retail, but compared to other quality kitchen pots and pans like All-Clad ($120-218 for one saucepan), it’s quite reasonable. So if you’re aiming to up your camp kitchen game, keep an eye out for the Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Camp Pro Cook Set. It looks like a solid choice for the camp gourmet.

Sean McCoy

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