z grills blind box special
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Z Grills’ Blind Box Special: Pay Less, Get a Mystery Smoker Pellet Grill

You won’t know which model you own until you open the box, but Z Grills’ Blind Box Special delivers its 2021 pellet grills for up to 43% off.

If you like to gamble and have been drooling over a pellet smoker grill, have we found a deal for you. Maybe you haven’t pulled the trigger on buying because pellet grills are so damn pricey — even with summer sales.

Well, if you’re willing to throw the dice on the exact specs of your dream grill — like surface area, and side or front table — Z Grills’ 2021 Blind Box Special may be the offer you’ve been waiting for.

Pay $399 and you’ll get one of Z Grills’ five newest smoker grills that normally sell for $479 to $699.

z grills blind box special
Photo Credit: Z Grills

Right off the bat, you’ll save money. But the gamble is just how much.

Z Grills’ Blind Box Special

All of the grills included in Z Grills’ Blind Box Special have a PID controller for consistent temperature and precise control, whether you’re grilling or smoking. All are made from high-quality materials, and if you want to browse what you could get in the mail, check Z Grills’ new-for-2021 Pellet Grills.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Z Grills’ Pellet Models

The offerings start with Z Grills’ Basic Series (MSRP $479). First, the BBQ Maven 550B2 has a built-in wood front shelf for prep and storage. Inside, a fan creates convection for even cooking over the entire grill surface, whether you’re smoking, baking, roasting, searing, braising, or barbecuing. The grill has all-terrain wheels designed to move it where you want it.

Next, the Smo\ke Engine 5502G is sized for family gatherings with 553 inches of cooking surface.

Two models — the 600-series Fire Beast grills (MSRP $499) — are exclusive to the Blind Box Special. The 6002B2, which Z Grills says is its most versatile, has an upgraded bottom shelf, a bottle opener, and a side shelf for hanging tools. And it comes in bronze.

Meanwhile, the heavy-gauge 6002B3 uses a high-temperature powder-coated lid for easy cleaning. And it lets you switch between indirect and direct heat up to 750 degrees F so you can truly sear a steak. This model comes in a snazzy blue color.

Finally, the Backyard Warrior pro-model 7002F2 (MSRP $699) will turn you into a pitmaster with dual temperature probes, a door to dump and swap pellet flavors, and up to 40 hours of smoking without reloading the 24-pound capacity hopper.

zgrills blind box
Photo Credit: Z Grills

Buying the Blind Box Is Low-Risk

Z Grills carries some street cred when it comes to smoker grills. The company manufactures grills for Traeger and Grilla Grills, and it’s been making grills for more than 30 years.

Every grill comes with a 3-year warranty. And shipping is free. Buy one and it’ll be like Christmas in July. You won’t know which model you scored until you open the package.

Photo Credit: Z Grills

Get Yours Now

The promotion will run until all 5,000 Blind Box Special grills are claimed, and they’re expected to ship on July 1. No matter what, you’ll save money — anywhere from 17% up to 43% off.

Check Blind Box Special Price at Z Grills

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