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Rooftop Tent for Your Prius (or Smaller): iKamper Launches Skycamp Mini

iKamper Skycamp Mini roof-top tent
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The new iKamper Skycamp Mini two-person rooftop tent could be a fit for just about any four-wheeled adventuremobile. A hybrid between hard- and soft-shell tents, it offers up the key features of each style: lightweight, compact, and easy to deploy and put away.

Most hardshell RTTs take up a ton of space atop your vehicle and aren’t lightweight. Softshell, fold-open RTTs can be a pain to set up and aren’t very aerodynamic.

Enter the iKamper Skycamp Mini. With it, the South Korean company targets the best of both worlds.

iKamper Skycamp Mini

iKamper Skycamp Mini roof-top tent

At only 125 pounds, the Skycamp Mini finds itself on the lighter side of the RTT spectrum. And, compared to other RTTs, it requires very little room atop your vehicle. It measures 57.1 inches long and 54.3 inches wide. Closed, the aerodynamically shaped hardshell case spans a mere 12.5 inches thick.

Despite its diminutive profile, the Skycamp Mini deploys to a big two-person tent with ease. It comes with a 50.4 x 80.7-inch mattress and provides about 45.3 inches of headroom inside.

And iKamper advertises that its expandable hardshell design takes less than a minute to deploy or put away. This is a key feature, as many softshell RTTs are not easy or quick to set up or take down.


A bonus to the hardshell design of this tent is the construction. It utilizes a two-layer design of fiber-reinforced plastic, with a one-inch air-insulating layer between. This setup works to keep the inside of the tent quiet while also mitigating condensation issues.

iKamper Skycamp Mini closed

Meanwhile, the floor of the Skycamp Mini is made from a strong, lightweight honeycomb aluminum. The floor panels offer insulation and a flat, uniform sleeping surface.

The tent walls are constructed from a heavyweight (300gsm) poly-cotton canvas, designed to remain both waterproof and breathable. And for added weather protection, the tent uses waterproof zippers and has a detachable waterproof polyester 150-denier (PU 3,000mm) rainfly.

iKamper also claims the thicker, heavier tent walls will stay quieter in the wind than lighter-weight polyester and nylon tent materials.

iKamper Skycamp Mini roof-top tent

Who’s It For?

The brand positions the Skycamp Mini as the perfect match for a small SUV or crossover. Its light weight, small size, and aerodynamic shape aim to offer the best-case scenario for these small vehicles in terms of vehicle handling and fuel economy.

But we see another potential fit for this RTT on full-size SUVs, where retaining some roof rack space is a priority. And pickups with short beds should benefit as well, as this tent will fit over the short bed. Perhaps it’s also suited atop pickup truck cabs, which don’t offer up much roofline.

Get Yours!

The iKamper Skycamp Mini is available for preorder now, with no money down until February, and will start to ship in March. It’s manufactured in South Korea and comes with mounting brackets. All this innovation and design won’t come cheap, however, as the Mini will set you back $3,499.

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