Wife Bogarts The Comfy Camp Chair

Usually I spend hours, if not days, testing and abusing products before I start writing a review. In this case, I have to take a more observational approach because my wife hogged the chair.

thermarest chair

She says the Therm-a-Rest Treo ($100) is incredibly comfortable. Most camp chairs are fairly rigid but, due to the Treo’s unique frame structure, this one even allows for a little bit of rocking without feeling unstable.

Thermarest Treo Review

The fabric is breathable, and the seat shape conforms to pretty much any body type. The Treo’s so comfortable, in fact, that she chose to sit in it during our weekly date night instead of on the couch with me. Thanks for that, Therm-a-Rest.

Thermarest treo

It was, apparently, easy to set up as well. She put it together, without even glancing at the instructions, in a matter of second — no complaints, no fuss.

The four aluminum poles (which are just slightly fatter than most tent supports) plug into four holes on the composite base (which doubles as a travel housing when it’s packed up), and the seat slides onto the pole ends. Simple.

thermarest trio

She was most impressed with how sturdy the assembled chair was — she could rock and shift, even stand in it, and there was no hint of distress. For a chair that’s reasonably labeled as “ultralight” it’s pretty bomber.

treo chair

When I finally got a turn, it was thanks to the chair’s incredible portability. The nylon/Dyneema sling seat pulls off and rolls up around the poles, then that roll slides into the collapsible, composite legs so you can drop it in a backpack.

It packed down in a matter of seconds, allowing me to smuggle it out of the house to my office with little effort as it weighs in at just 2lbs 4oz.

My Test

Once I got my hands on the chair, I was able to confirm her opinions: It was really comfortable. Normally, we disagree on chairs because she’s 5’ tall in shoes and I’m 6’4”, but this one fit us both.

It really was easy to set up, and every piece, every connection, felt solid. I had it for about two hours before she noticed it was missing, but that’s plenty of time for a normal camp chair to put my legs or butt to sleep — this one didn’t.

chair folded

I’ve always been the guy who finds a rock or a log to sit on at camp. But once I get a second one of these, I’ll carry it with me.

Until then, I’ll have to borrow my wife’s when she’s not looking.