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Alert: Climbing Harness On eBay Has ‘Risk Of Death’

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[leadin]A batch of destroyed Petzl climbing harnesses for sale online were ‘crudely stitched together’ in a malicious act that could result in equipment failure under minimal weight.[/leadin]


In a strange incident brought to our attention by Suffolk Trading Standards, a UK-based enforcement service, this month an online business was selling climbing harnesses advertised as “cut, repaired and tested.”

For sale at £12.99 on eBay, the Petzl ASPIR harnesses had been “cut and disposed of to prevent their sale, only to be recovered by a third party in France and have their straps crudely stitched back together,” according to Suffolk Trading Standards.

ASPIR Harnesses: Modified, Unsafe

Petzl issued an alert. The company was warned by authorities about the modified harnesses for sale.

A stop to the eBay sales was requested, and legal proceedings were initiated, Petzl reported.

Petzl ASPIR harness

“Waist belt or leg loop security straps on the modified ASPIR harnesses have been cut, then stitched back together,” the alert notes. Petzl said the modified harnesses pose a mortal danger to users.

The modification was tested. It, by no surprise, greatly affects harness strength and renders the product non-compliant.

Petzl wrote the modified stitching “can break under the slightest impact” at around 200 kg of weight, which is far below the needed security for a climbing product.

The company advises climbers to check for any strange or additional stitching on waist belt and leg loops of ASPIR harnesses. Inquires are directed to aftersales@petzl.com.

–See full info from Petzl here.

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