World’s Coolest Aid Station Is Above 13,000 Feet

Colorado’s Hardrock 100, which runs through the San Juan mountains at an average altitude over 11,000 feet, is a unique race. So it calls for some unique aid stations.

This video by The African Attachment and Salomon Running profiles the highest of those aid stations, nicknamed Kroger’s Canteen.

It sits atop Virginius Pass at 13,000 feet, and the prolonged exposure and rigor of hauling aid station materials to that altitude are such that aid station captain Roch Horton will only accept former Hardrock finishers as volunteers.

krogers canteen

Not mentioned in the video is the fact that Kroger’s famously serves tequila and mezcal to passing runners. 2014 winner Kilian Jornet took a sip en route to his course record, but there is no word on whether he imbibed last weekend, when he won again.

It almost makes us want to sign up for this iconically brutal race. Almost.

krogers canteen 3