Witness The Carnage Of ‘Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing’

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WTF? We’ve seen some dangerous, ill-advised, and drunken activities in our day, but holy cow this one just might take the crazy cake.

extreme downhill barbie jeep racing

Extreme Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing is exactly what it sounds like. Two crazy people get in a toy jeep and race it down a seriously sketchy hillside while surrounded by a thousand or so presumably drunken revelers.

This video, where to start? Dude gets knocked out cold in one of the first races, then carried off by his buddies? If you don’t feel like watching this slow down in the action, skip to around the 4 minute mark.

extreme downhill barbie jeep racing 2

Once the track is cleared (and shortened a bit), it doesn’t slow down the festivities as racer after racer crashes and burns — hard.

Makes downhill mountain biking look downright pedestrian.

extreme barby jeep race

For those interested in getting involved in this nuts pastime, there is a dedicated Facebook page with more than 30,000 followers. Just be sure your health insurance is paid up.