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Need a Mask? These Outdoor Brands Make Them

Protect yourself, protect others, and rep your favorite outdoor brand at the same time with these face masks.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or out at sea, you know that something’s going on. Masks are essential right now, whether you’re running to the store or just running.

Now, instead of buying polyester disposables or cutting up an old shirt, you can shop these top outdoor brands for alternative (and more fashionable) options.

So if you want to rock a face covering from an outdoor brand, check out the list below.

Face Masks for Sale by Outdoor Brands

  • Black Diamond Mask ($13): For each one sold, Black Diamond will donate a mask to a healthcare worker.
  • PackTowl Mask ($5): Buy one, and PackTowl will donate to the CDP COVID-19 Relief Fund.
  • Outdoor Research Essential Face Mask ($25): OR’s Essential Face Mask Kit comes with one washable mask and, unlike the others on this list, three filters if you choose to use them. They will go on sale on June 1 and will come in neutral colors.
  • KEEN Harvest and Together Masks ($14-16): KEEN offers adjustable, upcycled, washable, cotton canvas face coverings, sold in sets of two so you can wear one while the other is in the wash. The Together Masks are color-coordinated with the brand’s Elsa shoe line. But we really love the Harvest’s simplicity. There’s no adjusting or tying; simply slip the elastic loops over your ears and go. They work well while wearing sunglasses. We used it for hiking, walking, and bike commuting. The Together masks launched this week; the Harvest masks will launch in July.
  • Cotopaxi Do Good Face Masks ($13): These cloth masks are washable and reversible. They come in 10 color combinations.
  • Kitsbow Cycling Reusable Face Mask ($25): Kitsbow’s take on a protective face mask is both reusable and washable, and it has a HEPA filter pocket. The masks are made from upcycled solid and plaid fabrics. And although $25 is a bit steep, the price includes free shipping.
  • BlackStrap Civil Mask ($16): For each mask sold, BlackStrap will donate a face covering to someone in need. What’s more, BlackStrap has a wide variety of neat designs to help you find a mask you actually like to wear. We also found the Civil Mask one of the more breathable options we’ve tried, making it a suitable choice for daily jogs and bike rides.
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  • Phunkshun PH Mask ($20): Phunkshun will donate one mask to the Colorado Mask Project — which provides them to frontline workers and vulnerable populations in Colorado — for every one it sells.
  • VOORMI Everyday Gaiters ($35): Want to avoid a face mask tan this summer? Go with VOORMI’s versatile cloth everyday gaiter face cover for all your outdoor pursuits. The masks sell out quick, so be sure to check back each week.
  • Ball and Buck Face Mask ($18): This is the first cloth mask that we’ve seen made out of a camo cotton fabric. Ball and Buck makes them in the U.S., and they’re machine-washable. For each purchase, the brand will donate a mask to someone in need.
  • Colorado Threads Face Masks ($16): This Colorado apparel brand is making face masks from upcycled fabrics. They have elastic ear loops and come in the largest variety of styles we’ve seen. A portion of each mask sale is donated to the Caregiver Emergency Relief Fund and Direct Relief.
  • OURA ($50): While not an outdoor-specific brand, OURA introduced us to the “first reusable antimicrobial mask.” Heavier-duty than most, the OURA has antimicrobial agents like silver oxide and titanium dioxide permanently embedded in the mask’s fibers. It also comes with an optional N95 filter for added protection. Plus, it can be washed without impacting its germ-killing properties.
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