jeremy jones chows down on some trail mix as he kneels next to his snowboard
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Trail Fuel: Snowboarder Jeremy Jones Shares Recipe for Homemade Adventure Snack

Haven’t found your favorite trail mix yet? Want to mix it up and make your own? Jeremy Jones shares the recipe for a snack mix that he swears by.

If anyone knows what it takes to stay fueled and energized all day, it’s pro snowboarder and backcountry enthusiast Jeremy Jones. Of course, trail mix isn’t like a super technical piece of gear — there are dozens on market.

But, as many of us on staff know, sometimes it’s better (and cheaper) to make your own.

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Jeremy Jones’ Trail Snack Recipe

jeremy jones trailmix recipe next to a handful of trail mix nuts and berries on a cutting board

How did Jones pick this mix? “I pick stuff that’s going to sustain me all day,” he said. “It varies, but pistachios are a constant in there because of the good [complete] protein, potassium, and antioxidants. When it comes to ingredients for snack mixes, I just go into the store and pick out superfoods, and just try to mix up these different flavors that I know I can eat all day.”

Jeremy Jones’ Pistachio Power Mix 

Of course, as Jones noted, the science isn’t exact — you can measure by hand, and amounts can vary.

Jeremy Jones’ advice for making your own snack mixes? “My general approach to nutrition in the backcountry is [a] mix of antioxidants, mix of protein, and a mix of different flavors. I mix sweetness with salt and change it up quite a bit. If you’re up there for huge days, you want these different palates.”

And the nut, berry, fruit, cacao blend is a great (read: yummy) place to start. “It’s just a perfect combination that tastes good and keeps me going all day every day,” said Jones.

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