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The Hydro Flask ‘All Around’ Tumbler Reshapes a Classic, Gets a New Lid

Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler(Photo/Zach Burton)
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The new Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler is redesigned for everyday use. Its new shape and lid are two big reasons it may fit your daily routine.

Hydro Flask redesigned its tumbler to give it a splash-resistant lid and new contours for a better fit in your hand and cupholder. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so it should stand up to a wash with the rest of your glasses.

Read on for a breakdown of the new tumbler’s specs. Then, we’ll walk you through a day in the life of two of our editors to illustrate the variety of ways the tumbler can be used.

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Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler
(Photo/ Zach Burton)

Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler Features

  • Closeable Press-In Lid
  • TempShield insulation
  • Cupholder-compatible
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Straw-compatible
  • Available in four sizes

The Press-In Lid uses a slide to cover the drink opening when not in use and fits reusable straws when open. And this lid design is available on all four sizes of the All Around Tumbler: 12, 16, 20, and 28 ounces. Hydro Flask also created a new Press-In Straw Lid to fit the All Around Tumbler as an additional lid option.

Meant to help cold and warm beverages retain their temperatures, Hydro Flask uses TempShield insulation in its tumblers. This is the brand’s name for its particular double-wall vacuum insulation.

For textured grip and colorful style, the tumbler’s powder coating is designed to prevent slippage and is available in as many as eight colors, including the new Laguna, Snapper, and Starfish color schemes. Similarly, the tumbler’s new shape is designed to give it a lower center of gravity, making it less likely to tumble over.

Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler with Medium Press In Straw Lid
(Photo/M.T. Elliott)

All Around Tumbler Staff Experience

The GearJunkie staff isn’t always outdoors, even if we spend a lot of time writing about it. While the All Around Tumbler can be a car camping staple, it can get plenty of use at home and bopping around town.

Hydro Flask says the All Around Tumbler keeps beverages cold or hot for hours thanks to its TempShield insulation. It can help you keep your water close by, your coffee hot (or cold), enjoy a smoothie in the sun, or sip a cold beer.

To show the different ways it can be used, we gave two staffers some tumblers and took a peek into their everyday lives.

Katie and M.T. have different lifestyles and live in different cities, but both kept All Around Tumblers within reach around their homes, in the coffee shop, and commuting on foot or by car.


The Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler in the new Laguna color scheme fits standard-size cupholders; (photo/Zach Burton)

Start the day off hydrated! From the nightstand to the kitchen, M.T. chugs what’s left of his water and pours a cold brew to start his mornings.

Meanwhile, Katie opts for piping hot coffee, the first of many, and a few moments of peace before starting her home routine. Once it’s time for the work commute, she slides the All Around Tumbler into her center-console cupholder.

To make this easier, Hydro Flask designed the new silhouette to better fit most cupholders.


Hydro Flask Everyday Carry
A typical array of everyday carry essentials around town. (photo/M.T. Elliott)

Working from home, M.T. can get in a quick workout during lunch and then carry the tumbler in his backpack to use at the local coffee shop. The café even gives him a discount for bringing his own cup.

Katie opts for a smoothie with her lunch by adding the new Press-In Straw Lid to her All Around Tumbler for easy sipping. Although the tumbler is dishwasher-safe, the food-grade stainless steel should also rinse clean in the workplace sink.

And Night

Hydro Flask All-Around Tumbler beer tap
The tumbler’s double-wall vacuum insulation can keep drinks cold for hours; (photo/M.T. Elliott)

After work, Katie gathers the family and heads out, with the tumbler along for the ride. M.T. opts to walk to the local brewery and enjoy the rest of the sun with a draught beer. Even out camping, a beer can isn’t as insulated as these tumblers.

New Lid, Shape, and Colors

If you’re still using an older Hydro Flask tumbler, then you don’t need to be sold on how well it keeps drinks cold or hot. However, if splashed coffee on your freshly washed jeans is a frequent day-ruiner, the Press-In Lid fits more securely, so the All Around Tumbler may be more to your liking.

It also fits a reusable straw and helps seal in the temp, whether you choose hot or cold. Consider your drink options expanded.

The new shapes and colors also bring a refreshing look to one of the more popular stainless steel vessels on the market.

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Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler coffee shop
(photo/M.T. Elliott)

This post is sponsored by Hydro Flask. Learn more about the All Around Tumbler Collection at Hydroflask.com.

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