Traeger Ironwood Pro and Timberline pellet grills

Traeger’s Top-End Grills Now Heat Faster

New Traeger grills claim higher temperatures and faster heating to help you sear your steak quicker.

BBQ cooks have loved Trager’s pellet grills since they launched for the subtle, smoky flavor they impart to any meal, their charcoal-free pellet power, and their features that make grilling and smoking easier. They have built-in thermometers and convection that means you can cook on all shelves.

Where Traeger falls short, however, is lackluster heating speed, difficulty maintaining temps, and the inability to get hot enough to sear a steak.

Traeger Pro Series, Timberline Grill

Today, however, Traeger announced upgrades to existing Pro Series and Timberline grill models, and the new Ironwood grill, that address these issues and more. Both Pro and Timberline grills got a new drivetrain, motor, and fan to heat faster and cook hotter.

The system uses a brushless motor to turn the pellet auger up to twice as fast, doubling the fuel in the firepot for a hotter flame. The new variable-speed fan delivers more oxygen to the fire, fanning the flame to help the grill bump up its BTUs. It also gives the user predictable, precise cooking temperature control in five-degree increments and more blue smoke across a wider temperature range for more flavorful food.

Traeger Ironwood 885 pellet grill
Traeger Ironwood 885 pellet grill

So, whether you’re smoking a butt or baking a cake, it’ll come out saturated with flavor and perfectly cooked every time. Both the Timberline and Ironwood grills have a new Super Smoke mode that turbo-flavors your food with the push of a button.

Traeger Pro Series Upgrades

With the new upgrades, Pro Series grills are now programmed to reach 450 degrees F, and Timberline and Ironwood grills will hit 500 degrees F. All three now come with Wi-Fi (the brand calls it WiFIRE) connectivity. It lets you control your grill from afar with Traeger’s app, a feature previously exclusive to the Timberline. The app lets you change temperature, set timers, and monitor food temps. It also puts Traeger’s recipe library at your fingertips.

Traeger Ironwood 885 pellet grill with food
Trager Ironwood 885 pellet grill

The new Ironwood has a few additional features that we’re hoping Traeger will eventually integrate into the Pro and Timberline series. The redesigned hopper has no flat spots inside, so pellets don’t stick on the sides. A magnet in the pellet door holds it open when the grill is firing for best-in-class fuel feeding. And it comes with hooks on the back to hang the top rack when you’re not using it.

“D2 is the reinvention of the wood pellet grill and the future,” said Michael Colton, Traeger’s VP of product. We pressed him to find out if now, in fact, the Timberline and Ironwood will let you sear a steak, and he challenged us to test it ourselves.

“We’re not a direct-flame grill, and we’re not trying to be,” said Colton. “We have the best downdraft convection for meat-penetrating flavor in the industry and a top shelf you can actually cook on. I’d crank it to 500 and determine if you’re satisfied with the results.”

A full test of the new Ironwood is coming. Until then, we’re hoping that’s a yes.

Traeger Pro 780 pellet grill
Traeger Pro 780 pellet grill

The Pro Series line comes in two models — Pro 575 ($799) and Pro 780 ($999) — with 572 and 780 square inches of grilling space, respectively. Both come with a meat probe and extra grill rack.

Traeger Ironwood 650

The Ironwood 650 ($1,199) and Ironwood 885 ($1,399) feature 650 and 885 square inches of grilling space, respectively, a meat probe with a built-in storage compartment, an adjustable two-tier grate system, double-thick sidewalls for increased heat retention, a dual-position smoke/sear bottom grill grate, adjustable top-tier extra grill rack for optimal heat distribution, a stainless steel side shelf with hooks, and a new Keep Warm mode.

Traeger Timberline 1300 pellet grill
Traeger Timberline 1300 pellet grill

The Timberline 850 ($1,799) and 1300 ($1,999) have 850 and 1,300 square inches, respectively, of grilling space, a meat probe with a built-in storage compartment, full double-wall stainless steel insulation, magnetic bamboo cutting board, stainless steel front shelf and side shelf with hooks, concealed grease pan, and three tiers of stainless steel grates with a Keep Warm mode.

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