Secret ‘Getaway’ Houses For Spontaneous Outings

Parked in a secret location, these quaint art-deco homes-on-wheels offer an exotic getaway in the rugged wilderness of New England.

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Looking for a thrifty (and trendy) break from the daily grind? Consider a Getaway.

That’s the name of a new project launched by Harvard Business School’s “Millennial Housing Lab.” Getaway offers nine tiny homes for rent just outside the greater Boston and New York City areas.

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Getaway Tiny Homes

Getaway’s lodgings are all mobile tiny homes, each between 160-200 square feet. Renters are notified within 48 hours of their home’s specific location because “the adventure is part of the fun.” The houses never stay in the same place for long, though. The concept means renters can’t stress over planning.

The houses never stay in the same place for long, though. The concept means renters can’t stress over planning.

It’s a unique idea. People tend to fret over planning excursions when they know their destination. Not knowing means renters can’t stress the small things and should live more in the moment.

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Each home is equipped with a two-burner kitchen stove, queen bed, shower, electric toilet, and full-size sink. Some cooking utensils, a cooler or mini-fridge, and heater are also included. A few models have solar-electric panels.

There are three different models near Boston, and six close to New York. Prices range from $99 a night mid-week to $120 for weekend stays.

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Millennial Housing Lab

Getaway launched in 2015 as the first pilot project of the Millenial Housing Lab. Design, business, and law students from Harvard founded the Millenial Housing Lab to innovate new housing concepts. It aims to provide lodging and housing solutions for a growing population with dwindling resources and outdated infrastructure.

Getaway in particular gives workaday urbanites the chance to wade into the tiny home movement without diving in headfirst.

Though the locations of the houses change throughout the year, units are guaranteed to be parked within a two hours’ drive from a major city (currently Boston or New York City).

With prices comparable to most mid-range motels, this looks like a great way to mix things up for a weekend away. If you’re on the east coast and within a reasonable drive of Boston or New York, this is worth investigating.

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